D3 overheating/killing graphics cards

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Have you opened your GPU to see if you heatsink has dust built up on it? I work on computers and run into people who think a computer is clean inside and never remover the heatsink cover.
Well, i'll tell you what happened to me.
I got a gtx 670 superclocked on an i5 3570k that i built few days before diablo's launch date.
Under BF3 at ultra settings, it worked at 98% load and 76°c.
Under Diablo, all maxed, it worked at 60°C.
NOW, under D3, it works at 98% load and 76°C.
I cannot say if it depends on installing new nvidia drivers or a game update. But that is. The cartoon graphics of diablo stress my new born gpu such as BF3. And no, it's not a joke. I guess something is wrong, probably in nvidia new 301.42 driver or probably in some game fix. But i guess something has to be done. Because if a 670 does that work on it, the old cards probably will suffer more, in some situations. I am not worried at all, but the temp standing at 76 degrees vs the old 60 degrees means something's wrong...
Oh, forgot to say i set the fps limit at 60 and even moving in AH or menus loads my Gpu :D
Well, today gpu load wasn't over 72% and max temp 56°C. Did nothing different from yesterday... i don't know where the point is.
06/05/2012 06:24 AMPosted by Cygalon
Well, today gpu load wasn't over 72% and max temp 56°C. Did nothing different from yesterday... i don't know where the point is.

ambient room temp? Were you in dungeons or outdoors?

I noticed that certain scenarios taxed my gpu more. Outdoors was usually about 20-30% more gpu load.
Well, don't think the room temp would make the 20 degrees difference.
Anyway, outdoors or indoors, i am max 56 degrees and medium usage of gpu.
Donno really what happened some days ago.
Prolly Blizzy fixed it ?
blaming D3 for your damaged card does not make any sense. the 7900gs back in 2005 was an entry level card at best. video cards on average have a life span of 3-5 years(modearte-heavy use)from my experience. Your card was on its way out!

Here are my specs, temps with vsync hover around 56-60c(auto down clocked) without vsync temps are around 65c to 69c.clocks@ 1202(gpu boost)

Corsair Obsidian 650D
Dell U3011 Monitor 2560 X 1600
EVGA Classified 759
Intel Core i7 920 D0 @ 4.4Ghz
Corsair Vengeance 12GB @ 1683mhz 9-9-9-24-1T
EVGA SLI GTX 680's @ 130+ GPU offset/500+ Memory offset/132+ Power target/ 1.175v
The fact remains that D3 is the most taxing game I've run on my PC. I definitely need to take the case apart and dust it off to increase airflow, since lowering max frames and turning the fanspeed up (thank God for physical fanspeed knobs!) have reduced/eliminated all my driver crashing problems.

I'm running a 9800 GTX+ factory overclock. It runs the game nice and smooth at max settings, but when you let the framerate run free, drivers crash every couple minutes. No bueno.
Specific overheating issue:

ASUS G73Jw Base system, no overclocking, only addition is RAM to 14GB. ME3 Ran all day long without overheating. Battlefield 3 ran all day also on high settings. Diablo 3 lasts 10 minutes before overheating and if I push it and silence the alarms, It can take an hour before the screen dissolves and the monitor shuts off.

to get it back I put it into sleep mode and back up. and I get a D3 graphics crash.

If I turn on the turbo mode on the chip, it dies due to heat in about 30 minutes or less.

For some reason I think the problem is that the variable speed fan is not kicking on to full blast with the game. Also, turning on the power management settings in the Nvidia control panel makes no difference either. I'm going to next try to roll back the drivers to the 290 series to see if that helps.

I think that the game is taking control of the hardware or ignoring the control panel completely which would probably screw up the active cooling and hardware limits that are in the drivers.

I also have an active cooling pad under the laptop and that makes no noticeable difference in the cooling system.

i have ordered a new fan for my laptop, but my concern is who will be paying for a new laptop if their software decides to break my computer hardware? Seeing as how it has been running perfectly for more graphically intensive games and Diablo 3 is the one that fry's my system.

Someone needs a new video card.
Just to throw my 2 cents in: See my specs below...you would agree that it's not a low spec machine. On other games (BF3, Witcher 2, Skyrim) my 590 will max out at 92-94c running maxxed out settings in 3D Vision Surround (aka 3 monitors in 3D), never higher. Diablo 3 hits 98c consistently. I don't think anyone could argue that my 590 can't handle everything this game could possibly need, and more. There is something going on here with regard to GPU temp. I'm not worried about frying my card, but it would be nice to understand the reasons for the extra c's.


Aurora ALX | Intel i7-990x Extreme Six Core | 6GB 1866MHz DDR3 Kingston Tri-Channel Memory | 3GB GDDR5 GeForce GTX 590 | 2TB RAID 0 (2 X 1TB WD Black) + 2 X 1TB WD Black | Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium | 6X Dual Layer Blu-ray Burner | 24X Dual-Layer DVD Burner | TactX Mouse | TactX Keyboard | 3 Alienware AW2310 OptX 3D Full HD Gaming Monitors w/ Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Surround
If your video card is hitting 98C you have a cooling issue. If you can't comfortably max out your card without overheating then it's a hardware problem. Fire up folding@home (the GPU version) and see what happens. I bet it does the same thing.

Also, 92-94C is WAY too hot also.
98C is super hot. Holy hell.
A GPU will NOT die if the fail safes are working properly. You card died or is dieing either because it is dirty, old, or the fail safes failed.

Not blizzards fault.
Ya, I could get it cooler than that easily; mostly compiling data on Alienware's crap case air flow, stock fan settings and liquid cooling setup. I can get all 6 CPU cores on my i7-990x up toward 90c and performing beautifully if I push them the right way (and overclock it to 4.5Ghz per:-) ) BTW: the GTX 590 is rated by Nvidia as safe up to 97c, plus anytime you put two cards into one you're going to have increased temps. blah, blah, blah I know all of these things and have extensive education/experience in this area (seeing as it's my profession)...But....

I think you may have seen the 92-94 and 98 numbers, and forgot that the temp itself is not something I'm concerned about. What I see is 2 games, maxxed settings in 3D w/ triple monitor surround, and higher temps from the game with the lesser graphics quality...that in itself seems backwards. Whether it's 60c vs 64c or 94c vs 98c; there's something different here. Granted, there is a bit of apples to oranges with this, as there really isn't a perfect "all things equal" test to perform...but this has me curious. I repeat, curious; not at all worried.
Oh ya, zKrieg is absolutely correct about GPU failure.
I have the same problem with overheating, and like the others in this forum with similar problems, Diablo 3 is the only game that causes this overheating. It's a moderatly aged Asus G73J laptop with a Radeon Mobility 5800HD, so it's not a super rig or anything, but I can run all my other games just fine. This leads me to conclude that there's *something* in Diablo 3 that makes it run hotter than hell. My laptop shuts down before any damage is done, but I've noted my video card getting up to 98C while running the game. Yet sometimes I can run the game for hours with no issues. Anyway, some kind of fix would be nice.
06/13/2012 09:01 PMPosted by Sixgill
What I see is 2 games, maxxed settings in 3D w/ triple monitor surround, and higher temps from the game with the lesser graphics quality...that in itself seems backwards.

Lesser visible graphics quality doesn't mean a lesser graphics load necessarily.
Hello Kalganized ,

I have tried your suggestions and I believe that my CPU is overheating, not the GPU.

Anyway, I would like to try the afterburner but I see many versions; which one should I download? I have a NVDIA 9800GTX+ card, 256MB.

Thank you,

The latest version, which is:

If your CPU is overheating, it's a good time to open the case up and thoroughly get rid of all the dust and gunk in your system, especially those on the fans. Ensure that CPU heatsink is seated tight.

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