GTX 670 and 30-40fps in New Tristram?

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So I just received my Asus GTX 670 TOP in the mail and I installed it.

I fully seated it in the PCI-E slot.
I connected both 6-pin connectors and the card power connector LEDs are green, showing they're getting the required power.

I start Diablo and immediately throw the game into the highest settings:
1920x1080 Resolution, Full Screen
Texture, Shadow, Physics and Clutter: High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Vertical Sync: On and Off (Tried both)
Low FX - Off

I load into the game and run around... and man, am I disappointed. First, the UI is very slow to load in. Second, while the game looks good, the FPS is low and everything feels sluggish.

I've uninstalled all old Nvidia drivers and re-installed 301.42, along with all the other software in the suite.

I went into the Nvidia control panel and set all the advanced options to Default and picked 'Quality' for the performance mode.

My Setup:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 970 Black Edition 3.98Ghz
GPU: Asus GTX 670
Mobo: Asus M5A99X Evo
HD: 1TB Hitachi 7200RPM
Ram: G.Skill 1333 DDR3 (2x4GB)

What am I doing wrong and/or missing?
What about any other games?
I haven't had any demanding games put on this computer because... well, it couldn't really play any demanding games. :P

I guess I could boot up SC2 and see how it plays...
Ok, so I joined a Monobattle and the game was lagging on Extreme, Ultra and High settings, until I eventually got a message saying my graphics were slowing down the game and was eventually kicked.

I'm going to try to flash my bios to the newest version... who knows what weird !@# settings I changed when I first built this machine.

PS: I tried running 3DMark and things were fine until the tests started throwing in physics... then my FPS in the tests would drop from 60fps to 3fps. I'm starting to wonder if my CPU is crapping out?
If you OC'd anything, revert the OC

Check the temperature of CPU and GPU

Did older graphics card work fine?
They were 9800GTs... the performance was about the same on a single card. I'm not sure if the CPU is bottlenecking... when I run Diablo 3 the CPU looks to be doing fine.

I already reverted the OC on the CPU back to 3.5Ghz and I think that was the only thing I changed. I reverted the BIOS back to the defaults (I think) but was unsuccessful in flashing the BIOS to the newest version.

Playing in that one spider cave after that burning village was giving me decent FPS with frequent spikes when enemies would appear on screen. The GPU Temp was hovering around 50C.

One thing I noticed, too... when loading the game for the first time the loading bar (the five red diamonds) would fill halfway and I'd hear the zone-in sound, but I wouldn't immediately zone-in. The loading bar wouldn't continue, either. When I finally saw my Wizard standing in New Tristram, the UI was slowly painting itself on screen. I think all I saw was the buttons and the globes, and then everything kinda jumped into view in the following seconds.

Put back one of the 9800 GT (not both), and see if same instability can be observed with both D3 and SC2
I'd expect the Windows Experience Index to give the card better ratings than a 7.6

Anyways, I was a step ahead of you.

It did play similarly, with the slow painting of the UI and townsfolk, sounds playing before zoning, long teleport time when using the town portal and zoning and constant stuttering.

To immediately contrast the experience, I plugged the 670 back into my case and it was the same experience but this time I used the Asus GPU Tweak software to monitor my values.

Interestingly enough, the values are relatively unchanged whether the settings in game are on Low or High, with the occasional plateau for things like Processor clock. There was only one point, about an hour ago, where the Processor Clock maxed itself... but I figured the app bugged and I clocked, re-opened and couldn't recreate that anomaly.

Edit: CPU Temps were fine, too.
Well, WEI tells me my graphics card is rated 7.3. It's a Radeon HD 6950 with unlocked shaders+HD 6970 speed, so...


The GPUs seem to be working fine.

I would try out older nVidia driver -- the R300 one.

See if anything changes.
As always revert all oc and overvoltages to stock. Take note your max 'theoretical' speed is reduced because your on Pcie 2.0 although this has nothing to do with your problem. Just fyi. Your main board doesn't have onboard video so we can check that off. Get driver sweeper and follow the directions for removing them. Get new drivers from nvideas site.
Sounds like the card might not be clocking itself up properly. In the Nvidia Control Panel go the 3D Settings - Manage 3D Settings, select Diablo 3 (or add it if it's not on the list), go to the Power Management Mode and set it to "Prefer Maximum Performance". See if that helps.
Are you playing in windowed mode (either windowed or full screen window)? It severely effects FPS.
Nvidia has an issue with the Video cards drivers not always picking up on the new card right some times (happened to me more than once) Uninstall the Nvidia drivers and control panel if you have it installed. Then restart, download, isntall, restart. See what happens.
SSD will fix your problem
05/31/2012 12:08 PMPosted by Dojoe
SSD will fix your problem

Ignore this, its kind of trolling as your problem is more likely software.
You fail. WEI is inaccurate and a piece of !@#$.

Try a different tool for bench-marking your system.

Who said anything about WEI being accurate? I mentioned it as a passing note as OP mentioned it.
use coretemp to check ur cpu's temp. sounds like an overheating issue maybe.. i had this on my pc and caused same issues ur having
Following the advice of some in this thread, I downloaded 3dMark 11 and used it to benchmark my system. First, I used Driver Sweeper to clean my system of drivers and installed the latest 301.42 driver. After running a 301.42 benchmark, I downloaded the previous 301.34 driver and then re-ran the benchmark. Each install of the driver was a clean install, wiping the previous installs settings. Before each test I set the power setting to Maximum or whatever, instead of the default value.

First test: (Score: 2339)
Second test: (Score: 2403)

* My CPU isn't overclocked, at 3.5Ghz
* My RAM looks right.
* GPU Core Clock is at 705Mhz... I thought Reference was around 800Mhz and the OC version I bought was closer to 1.1Ghz - Am I reading this wrong? If not, what could this mean?
* HWMonitor capture for temps (ran the 'Combined Test' at 1080p on all the Extreme settings for this test.) -

Besides the SSD suggestion (which is next on the list as an upgrade), what else should I try? Could the 705Mhz be a bottleneck somewhere, a faulty card, a bios setting, or...?

Who said anything about WEI being accurate? I mentioned it as a passing note as OP mentioned it.

Yea, I just mentioned it because I figured it would've been higher. When I ran my 9800GTs in SLI I was WEI at 7.4 :P
I just got a stock PNY 670 and haven't had any issues. I made sure my bios was up to date along with chipset drivers and using 301.42 drivers. My rig is a bit newer and faster but not by much. One thing you may want to verify is whether the physics is being run on the CPU or GPU in the nvidia control panel.

Also the GPU clock will adjust to real time usage. As needed it will increase to meet demand, so in game it should hit the 1Ghz mark in graphically intense scenes. Only two things here really worry me.

1: You mentioned you were unable to update MB bios, due to what? error? Hardware limitation?
2: That overall performance is similar from 9800 to 670, and there are issues with synthetic benchmarks.

I'd say either a driver issue, or MB / RAM / CPU. Do a memtest and then something like prime95. Might not be a bad idea to check SMART info for your hdd while you're at it. This stuff can be hard to pin down somethimes. Good luck.

CPU: FX-8120
MB: Sabertooth 990FX
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1600 (2x4Gb)
HDD: Intel 520 SSD 120Gb x 2, 1 Tb Seagate something-or-other
PSU: Seasonic Platinum 860

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