GTX 670 and 30-40fps in New Tristram?

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Hey Sando

I was browsing the Nvidia forums and it looks like they are aware of some issues with the new 301.42 and 301.34 drivers causing issues. From the sound of it, it's a big issue with some factory overclocked cards. Nvidia is working on a new driver for release this week or the next, but until then I'm in the process of making some tweaks based on other peoples experiences. One, they suggest disabling Vsync in the Nvidia control panel, which I've done to no noticeable gain. Secondly, they suggested dropping the clock speed back to reference... Using Asus GPUTweak, I dropped the clock speeds as low as they could go, back to reference, and I didn't get any performance gain. The last thing I'm about to try is the 296.10 driver since some people said they've had success with that. We shall see.

As to your concerns...

1) The BIOS .ROM I downloaded wouldn't load in the ASUS UEFI EZ-Flash utility. It was saying something about not being an EPU ROM. I'm going to look into this later as I could've downloaded the wrong ROM in my haste.

2) The overall performance is somewhat similar between the 9800GT and the 670. The biggest difference is I can play on the 670 at the highest settings possible but on the 9800 I had to use the lowest settings. When I said the performance was the same, I meant the FPS was the same... the 9800GT loaded the UI and everything much quicker, but like I said, everything looked like !@#$. Strangely enough, when I put the 670 on the lowest settings, things are still slow loading...

Anywho, I'm going to change my GPU Driver now.
Follow up: 296.10 wouldn't install... said Nvidia couldn't find a compatible hardware.
That card should be doing far better than that. My money is on driver issues. Currently running (with WEI figures included for the heck of it)

FX-8150 (not overclocked): 7.6
HD7950 (Sapphire dual fan factory OC - if your 670 is factory OC as well this should be roughly equivalent): 7.9

I can absolutely max out D3 and WOW without any framerate issues. But I have seen quite a few people reporting FPS issues with Nvidia hardware in D3 since the last patch.
I'm convinced it's Nvidia drivers and D3 not playing well. I've been playing BF3 for the last hour on Ultra and getting an average of 40FPS... sometimes more but infrequently less. My max temp has hit 50C, too.

I'm guessing the same issue with the Driver/D3 is the reason I'm not pulling higher benches in 3DMark 11.

Nvidia is working on a new driver so we'll see what happens in a week or two when its released. :[ Really wanted to play some D3, tho.
Alrighty. I did a lot today and my video card is finally performing well... minus the Vsync issue that a lot of people seem to see.

Anyways, to get the card working I decided to take the advice of some and just do a full format of my hard drive and re-install Windows 7 64-bit. After installation I flashed the BIOS from the standard 0704 to 1208 (I think), which actually improved my boot times a bit. From there, I accessed my NAS and pulled all the drivers for my motherboard, as well as the 301.42 driver for the video card. I installed all the drivers.

Then I downloaded Chrome because it's good.

When I was finished installing Chrome, I did a 3DMark 11 test on the Combination test. Before I was getting like .7FPS, but this time I was getting significantly higher FPS readings... like around 12-13 FPS. My 3DMark score was around 3500, with my physics score being 4500ish and my graphics being at 3000. I still thought my 3DMark scores should've been higher but who knows. My WEI for graphics went to 7.8, as well.

For my Nvidia settings, I kept everything standard except I changed the power management (to prefer performance) and I also turned on Triple Buffering based on a suggestion.

Diablo 3 is now running on full settings at above 150FPS. I've been experiencing a bit of tearing and micro-stutter but that's because of that Vsync issue I mentioned earlier. If I turn on Vsync I only get around 30fps although I have a 60Hz refresh rate. I'm sure this will get better with the Nvidia drivers and as Blizzard optimizes their code.

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