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While using Tempest Rush on my Monk, I seem to always rubber-band when in a large group of enemies. It seems to be the result of a bug and not lag. Many others are having this problem which is causing unnecessary deaths.
I notice that I rubber band much more when I use TR for fairly short distances (avoiding Butcher slams, desecration, etc.,), but longer uses don't seem to rubber band ever.

I take it back, I rubber band all the time regardless of whether it's long or short. I've still use it, because when it works it's awesome, but I've noticed since I posted this that I rubber band pretty regularly (i.e., more than 40% of the time). I don't think it's just lag, since it's so regular, and nothing else is so problematic. On top of that, I've had many occasions where I've seen my health drop, managed to think to myself "TR didn't work and I'm about to die because the server thinks I'm still in that desecrate/plague."

So it's not just lag, it would also have to be packet loss as well, and the consistency of it is bad enough that I have a hard time believing that it's 'net issues.
I completely agree with this. I rubber band all the time using Tempest Rush, sometimes just when walking but I'm guessing that's lag.

My DH friend has noticed rubber banding as well.

It completely destroys the utility of TR for the most part.

I am confused as to how this hasn't made it into the known bug list yet.
Yes please fix this. It is not a lag or latency issue. It isn't getting much attention because most monks don't even bother with tempest rush. Dying to this bug is very frustrating, and makes it an unplayable skill in HC.
Blizzard please fix this!! I get the same thing also. It's not lag, it's not vortex...it's simply glitched.

Sometimes it's like confining you in a certain zone/area that you cannot get out of after using TR. You either have to move to another direction or simply wait for a while.

Let's say I use TR to go torwards the bottom of the screen then I get pulled backwards where I started to use it in the first place. If I try to move down the same path again while simply running I'll get pulled back to the original starting piont over and over again until I move to another direction or wait a little bit.

I really love that skill so please fix it or at least tell us you're working on it.

Give us something!
It doesn't happen all the time but when it does it's really hard to stay alive.
bumping cause tempest rush needs love!
also the initial cost should be reduced to 10 spirit imo
This really needs to be fixed. Nothing is worse then feeling you played well by moving in between three arcane beams and four molten mobs and then being pulled back inside the death trap.

It's not lag, you hit all the mobs on the way out and then reappear at the start point.
Helping to bump the topic too.
The rubber band effect has been killing me too but I still love the skill!
We need more tempest rush lover to support this topic!
Same here, on patch 1.03 it will be a very expensive bug/lag wtv it is. with repairs 4-6x more costly it better be resolved
I get the same thing, its like the client and servers disagree about player position, and the server keeps forcing you back to where it thinks you should be. Tempest rush seems to trigger this more often than just running, but I have also had this happen with walling packs when trying to move around summoned walls.
just lost my 60 hc monk using TR, rubberbanded back into a pack of mobs. I hope they fix this soon, as my entire survivability for monk is based around quick escape.
Blizz, can you please at least acknowledge this issue. It happens so friggin often and its so aggravating, and there hasn't be any word from blizzard that they know about the issue.

If you want to test, just take a Monk into a big group of enemies and try and tempest rush out of the group. Try it 10 times and I guarantee it'll happen a few times.
Does it only occur with Tailwind rune? I find that sometimes it occurs 100% of the time, and other times it doesn't occur at all. Perhaps this skill combined with multiplayer?
I'm also confirming this.

Please fix, this could be a fun skill.
Posting to also report this, the skill bugs out constantly, rubber banding back into all the stuff I am trying to avoid, resulting in death, over and over.

This is not fun at all.
Blizzard Please Fix Tempest Rush!! Buggy Buggy Buggy
I love TR and hope they fix it, its a life saver.

I noticed it never happens when I fight a waller and when cornered rush towards them, so a few things I would like to check next time I play:

1) If I am not surrounded but just kiting an elite, would it happen if instead of running back I run through them, or if I want to go back, quick forward to hit them and then back.

2) Would it happen if I serenity first (I usually use serenity before running away so rarely had both working, but don't remember any rubber banding with serenity)

I also noticed that if I don't let go it rubber bands once and runs away the second time. Can't remember if it ever did it twice

Started using TR in hell and only noticed the problem when I got to inferno, so I hope they fix it. If somebody tested (1) and (2) already please let me know.
if you guys have noticed, it sucked you back where you began the rush and worse still, your "consumed" spirit is not returned to you at all! SO it is not lag!
Someone needs to look at this and update the known issues.

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