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06/11/2012 05:04 PMPosted by Nojin
Does it only occur with Tailwind rune? I find that sometimes it occurs 100% of the time, and other times it doesn't occur at all. Perhaps this skill combined with multiplayer?

I have only ever used Tailwind, but I also agree that when using this ability as an escape mechanism, it is near 100% failure. I also agree that it is closely tied to being surrounded and/or DoT affixes. Could other monk's please specify whether they have experienced the rubberbanding using other runes?

Replaced the skill with the inferior Dashing Strike until Blizzard fixes this somehow. God forbid whirlwind stayed this way for so long, the forums would be on fire. Sadly this ability isn't used by many monks so it isn't/won't recieve much player feedback and attention from the developers.


I frequent several variations of this multiplayer build, all using tailwind as the only escape. Not only does TR's cost scale very poorly with attack speed, its innately far too expensive, thus it wasn't hard for me to boycott this skill alltogether for Dashing Strike due to TR's extremely unreliable suicidal performance from rubberbanding and resource starvation.
Wow well it's good to see that I'm not the only one with the TR problem. I highly suggest that you look into it also when your a in a pack of a lot of mobs. Especially elites, It seems to happen more frequently there. I hope this provides some insight as to the rubberband problem. I have yet to rubberband when not hitting mobs, so thats a good sign but it would be nicer if the skill worked without collision like a barbs whirlwind. Anyways off to work hope to check back in on this bug soon.
Vouch! Please fix this bug! :)
For me, personally, it only occurs when trying to get out of bad situations, such as avoiding getting frozen, molten, plague, etc.

Perhaps sometimes when getting stuck somewhere (for example behind a not so obvious obstacle) as well.

I will mention the easiest way of reproducing this effect, as it has already been mentioned on the PTR bug report forums.

Step 1. Use tailwind rune on tempest rush. (not sure if it is a necessity or not, but that's the best bet)
Step 2. Use Fists of Thunder - Quickening (i don't think it really matters, but why not..)
Step 3. Find a pack that doesn't die too fast(preferrably frozen, molten, plague or something like that)
Step 4. For the best chances, you could get surrounded as well.
Step 5. Try to escape the situation using tempest rush - tailwind

Shouldn't take too many attempts to get the rubberbanding effect.
I wonder why blizzard dont want to fix this bug,
It is all about communication between client and server and blizzard illogicaly choose to lag back your character (as server seen it) insted of refresh character positon on server.

90% of my deth is because of this issue.

I think they want lot of death hardcore character or just make this game as much frustrating as it can be. (running only act3 again and again, fail act4 and pony level, one legendary par 5 run with 399 MF which is cap nowadays)
Any other monk's have feedback or care to test this out with various other TR runes?
I came here to report the same issue. I was playing my lvl ~40 monk today and yesterday and was experiencing this issue. I use Tempest Rush with Tailwind, but not Fists of Thunder. I use Way of the Hundred Fists instead, with the "Hands of Lightning" rune mostly, but also the "Fists of Fury" rune.

I use Tempest Rush extensively as a utility skill for offense, defense, and getting around thanks to the movement speed. As mentioned, the rubberbanding issue seems to only occur when it is used defensively, to escape a ground effect, which is probably the most important use of the skill.

It does not happen enough to me to take it off my bar, but shows me that I cannot rely on it to always save me from a ground effect.

I have an otherwise good connection at all times, with all other characters. I just started playing Monk so I cannot say whether this issue was present in the past. However I do not believe it happened in the couple of days before the latest patch went live.
I use the slipstream rune, same here.

Posted here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6893650643

And if you use the search function, tempest rush rubber-banding is all over the forum...

Very strange this has never been fixed... especially worse now with the champs spawning desecrator etc... much faster and more, get even stuck between walls i can walk out...
This happens for me too, using TR and Northern Breeze rune (main attack Crippling Wave). Like others the rubber banding happens when I use TR to get away from elites, only to get "pulled back" and die most of the time as a result. In fact this bug is the cause of ~75% of my monk's deaths.

To me it looks like a client/server problem, where the character position is not synced properly, but of course only Blizzard can know where the problem is. What does it take to get the attention of Diablo devs and get this fixed? This bug has been in the game since release.

Please Blizzard, can you at least acknowledge this TR bug and put it on your TODO list?
Support post under MONK category

My 1st original post in regards to TR bug (got locked without answer)

My 2nd post in regards to TR bug (got locked again but got a reply back)

My TEMP fix with rubberband issue, this build has help me reduce 75% of the rubberband that I used to get


Things that also causes RUBBERBAND:

- Reflect damage
- elites' affix attacks: fire / plaque / mortar / fire chain <--- this is the worst!!
new hand on TR build...it really causes 80% of total deaths......please fix it ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After dying numerous times coz of TR rubberbanding, I've frozen my monk, and switched back to DH... tho DH still occasionally rubberband, but those are not fatal... For monk, you use TR in some extremely fatal situation, that if you fail to get out, you die...

I will NOT touch my monk anymore unless blizzard fix that, period
I wish i found this tread, lost my 22 paragon HC monk to this issue last night. I've been using the same skill set dashing strike with stun and TR northern breeze or tailwind for quite some time with no problems. Not until inferno did I notice this issue. I thought it was due to using dashing strke with stun at the same time an elite uses a skill, but it seems that it is TR which is the problem. Well I found 2 ways to get out of the RB issue, however 1 did not help me last night. using another skill, such as seven sided strike would get me out of the rubber band affect, but if it is on CD your out of luck. Also, if your playing solo, the best way to avoid dying is pause the game and walk away from the computer. After 20 minutes or so you will time out and disconnect and wont die. In multiplayer no such luck and I was playing in a multiplayer game. I likely and going to quit the game since i just died to a known issue without resolution. RIP knuckles.
They're not going to fix it
Tempest rush is making me DC from games, which sucks when trying to complete acts.
im still experiencing a rubberbanding while tempest rushing as of today.

anyone still still have the same problem or is there a solution?
i see that a lot of people like the monk and using the TR so are they looking in to this bug or not

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