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Worst handled patch job ever.
good work around mate :)
Worked perfectly. thx =]
soooo anyone figured this out for mac players?
i opened the agent db file and theres only 1 there did the unhide hidden content and still same thing.
Got it working. I had to delete a file from the updates folder, and BOOM.... online.
Thanks dude, you are are a freaking legend.
Blizzard, you better pay the OP serveral thousand dollars for doing your job.
Seems the OP can fix your hotfixes.
Tried this and did not work the loader says I am up-to-date but when i try to login to the game it says I need to patch. ????
Hello everyone,

I completley feel the pain here, its been an interesting hour. I felt compelled to post as Rej's fix has got me into action and in the game right now!

I first tried changing to Spanish, then it wanted to d-load 4 gig or so eeeek! I don't recommend this method people. That resulted in some crafty renaming of the agent folder (.old yeah!) then back to english. I even kept the old copy (db File) just in case.

Just follow the steps and you'll be sweet, use MS WordPad. I'm on Win 7 easy money.

Thanks again Rej you got me gaming
in time like this i wish i knew how to do anything on a computer other than play games why didnt i pay attention in it class arrrrggg
Are you guys able to play now?

Still not working for me. =(
If you go into the agent.db file, you can change a few keystrokes so that it will update for you.

You'll find the file here...
Win7 & Vista is in C:\ProgramData\\Agent
WinXP is in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\\Agent

Just type that link into your Internet Browser and select the Agent database file, then open it with wordpad.You'll be looking for the following sequence:

Change it to:

There will be three instances of it, you need to update all of them.

Yes you rock it WORKED!!! :D
Oh I see now where I went wrong. There were 3 addresses to change.

I'm in!! WOOHOO!!

Thanks! =)
Worked for me, thanks! My copy was also bought in-store (Australia).
Fixed and playing in game. You bloody legend.
Worked :D
Worked perfectly THANKS OP!!
- just need to re-iterate that the game client must be closed when the DB file is edited or it will just reset to SG again.
Now just the problem of changing it back when i can't read chinese...hmmm

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