quick question on power leveling?

Demon Hunter
When can you start power leveling Magda runs?
I need to get to 60 as quick as possible!
Do Normal kuul run till 35 then NM runs till 50 they take 3 min each and get around 1 bar per (after you turn in the quest)
if you do normal kuul runs,(act 2 quest #8, ask someone open it for ya in general chat or make a friend or some.) you can start as low as level9 (which is when my friends came online and opened it for me) It is not hard at all soloing, besides, it's good practice.

repeat for whenever you unlock NM and Hell.

it's a bit boring though after leveling a few chars.
NM runs you mean do kuul runs in nightmare too?
or Magda in nightmare?

and TY btw.
My DH right now is lvl 38!
bumping for help !
I do the Act II blacksoulstone ( Soulstone chamber )on nightmare it gives you around 36k xp and there's a glitch where you can complete the quest 3 times ( With another person , but he compeletes once only ) and get around 100+k xp by killing him once... try youtubing it

What's the best build to end it quickly?
Is it bannable to abuse that glitch too?
anyone XD?

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