What exactly do I need to look for in a bow?

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I'm currently working on Act 1 Inferno and I am working on saving up for a good 2h bow to use the majority of the way through inferno.

Does the Crit Damage stat add to overall DPS? I had a bow with 50ish% crit damage and 700ish DPS and I switched it with a bow that had 800+ DPS but no crit damage and took a 3000 DPS cut. Why is this?

I'm just really looking to improve on my current DPS.. Right now it is at 31k (Using a 800 DPS bow with 61% crit damage + Sharpshooter) how can I improve my DPS by a fairly good amount without being out an insane amount of gold?
Thing is I can't actually afford all of these 1k+ DPS bows. I would love to just jump right in and buy one at the start, but I am going to have to play through and farm for items to sell just to be able to afford one. And I imagine it will take me awhile to be able to do so. Not extremely knowledgeable when it comes to prices on the AH, so I never know what to sell things for so I probably lose out on a lot that way.

I'm just trying to figure out a good way to get a weapon that would be under lets say, 100k. That would actually give me a fairly big DPS boost. Just don't know exactly what stats to look for other than Dex. I am not worried about Vit, I am going to die a lot anyway so I would rather have the damage to burn through something fast though.

Does Crit Damage % really have that large of a pull on overall DPS?
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Crit damage is best when you're running a sharpshooter build. The best stats to look for are obviously high damage and dexterity. It's also good to look for an attack speed bonus and personally because I use sharpshooter I look for a bow with crit damage on it passively or with a socket to throw in a green crit damage gem. If you're running sharpshooter for example the reason you might see such a difference in dps when I have on my gloves with 28% crit damage it shows it as having more damage than my gloves with a 7% hit chance. Whereas with sharpshooter turned off the 7% crit chance gloves show as having like 1k more damage cause they have more dex and the crit chance instead of damage. Sharpshooter fully stacked tells your dps that you have 100% crit so thats why the dps numbers on items can be shown as having lower dps than another item even though the other item can give you more dps without sharpshooter on.

So does it really make it worth having Sharpshooter? I'm debating right now trying to sell some of my resist all gear and go more of a Glass Cannon type build because I figure I am going to be dying a lot anyway, should just pump out as much damage as possible. I figure that would still make SS useful though, as you would want to get max distance to get as much damage as possible in correct?

So if I was so switch over to more of a Glass Cannon build would it be worth taking the cut in Crit Damage to try and find a fairly cheap 900+ DPS bow with stats such as Dex/IAS?

I'm not looking for something to push me through Act 2 or 3 right now. I know I will have to replace my weapon for the higher acts. I'm just really getting frustrated because even with the weapon I have now, I can't really handle champion packs even while kiting. I have seen people say it can be done with less DPS, but I can't seem to do it. Maybe I am just getting bad pack spawns.. not sure.
You should definitely go glass cannon--you won't be surviving any hits in a3 or a4 unless you completely butcher your offense (or buy really expensive gear that has good offense and defense). Sharpshooter is a great passive--it does skew what your DPS screen tells you, but just remove it when trying to find upgrades if it bothers you too much. It's worth noting that sharpshooter will add a fairly significant amount of crits as you fight, so it DOES make +crit damage gear more valuable--just not as valuable as the inventory screen will tell you at 100% crit chance.

For instance, I have an 86 dex / 33% crit damage ring, and a 71 dex / 15% attack speed ring. With sharpshooter fully stacked, it says the crit ring is a dps boost. If I go and shoot a barrel or something (or remove the passive), the attack speed ring comes out on top. The reality is that it's somewhere in the middle most of the time, since my crit chance is climbing nonstop until I crit.
Okay, so let me ask this. I seem to gather that Glass Cannon + Sharpshooter is a pretty good route to take since I will be dying a lot anyway.

Would it be worth selling the resist all gear that I have now, since that type of gear seems to sell for quite a bit. And then buy a good bow + glass cannon gear?
Well it depends. I like to try and grab as much dps as I can but i like to try and stay around 25k-30k hp. I haven't checked out resist stuff too much but it definitely helps in Act 2 where when youve got enough of it you can take a few hits. I think you can sort of take some other hits in the other acts if you have enough of it but it's cheaper to go full on glass canon. It depends on how much survivability you want to sacrifice for the crazy dps. I like to try and have a few items that have high dex and high vit and some resist just to be safe and not die to very trivial things like 1 hit off a white mob. Even with my 55k dps with sharpshooter on I can 1-2 shot most of the white mobs. Picking up dex=attack speed rings and a neck also helped my dps out a lot. You're in Act 1 which is an Act you can definitely take some hits on with 25-30k hp. If you need some help in game too send a friend request to me tipsyturtle#1212 and whisper me and I can even run with you and help you get your spec worked out and help you with gear more.

I've got Act 1 on faceroll farm even with my magic find gear on and ferrets sitting around 27k hp and 42k dps and minimal resist. So in Act 1 its not a bad thing to have vit and resists if you're having trouble until you find higher dps gear.

Yeah, I can understand what you're saying. I like how this thread turned into something way different than what I had planned, haha. But I love all the information you've been giving me. It's extremely helpful.

I'm going to change my question up a little though. Because I know in Inferno this could be a HUGE problem. I lag quite a bit while playing, I am on a laptop and I am already on lowest settings. I don't have much problems with Act 1 as far as lag, but later on in Act 2 and all the way through 4 I lag considerably in certain parts. (Such as the Fires/Catapult quests in Act 3) so I have a really strong feeling that trying to go more of a resist build wouldn't really help to much since I know I will lag with large groups of monsters, correct?

So with that said, wouldn't it be easier to just go pure DPS and try to lay down as much burst damage as I can while I am lagging, that way they go down faster? I know I will die, but I just feel like it makes more sense for them to go down faster, rather than having less DPS and more resist, and just dying from lag over and over again and taking longer to kill them.
Sharpshooter is alright, but I frequently swap it out for Tactical Advantage or Perfectionist. If you ever use Sharpshooter, though, make sure you unequip it before comparing items. Having Sharpshooter stacked up will only show how the item improves your burst during full stacks (100% crit). Improving your sustained DPS and learning to stutter-step and adequately gauge when you need to Smoke Screen vs when you can just sidestep an attack will improve your gameplay a lot more than stacking a small amount of burst damage. The mobs and bosses that will give you the most trouble will not be killed (or seriously injured) by your burst potential.

You can get a pretty decent bow on the NA Gold AH for about 100k. That should net you a 950-1k dps weapon (more if you constantly check the AH for deals). Anything over 1k will run you over a mil. If you find a weapon with dex, even if it's lower damage, and it's cheaper, snatch it if it's in your budget! I was lucky to pick up a 1017 DPS bow with 85 Dex, 927 Life on Hit (helps a lot vs reflect damage!), and life leech (keep in mind leech is reduced by 80% in Inferno) for 800k. While it isn't some 1.4k dps bow (which, frankly, go for a few million for something with very few stats), it's quite strong in its own right and easily outpaces anything under 1200 DPS that doesn't also have dex.

I prefer bows over crossbows - I feel the attack speed is superior, allowing your firing animation to finish sooner which allows you to move more frequently (and I value steady bonuses over bursty ones). I "grew up" playing bowzons in D2 and ranger spike in early GW1 and have no problem with killing things through many small damage shots. However, I stay away from 1h crossbows because I feel they're an inefficient with their use of hatred (while they can generate it faster, they also spend it just as fast, and I'd rather not have to switch between my low DPS hatred generator and my high DPS hatred spender every few seconds.. this leads to wildly fluctuating damage which I just do not find fun).

The short and sweet is that you want to focus on DPS but not at the sole expense of other stats. Dex, procs (>3% for things like Knockback or Stun), Life on Hit, and Sockets make some weapons stronger than "higher tier" weapons. Also, keep in mind that things like Increased Attack Speed (IAS) and +DMG are already factored into the displayed weapon damage, whereas stats like +DEX are not.

Also keep in mind the different elemental damage types you can get on a weapon and their pros and cons (cold will slow on crit, arcane will silence for 4 sec on crit, fire and poison deal additional damage, lightning stuns on crit, holy has a small splash heal on crit or death [somewhat helpful for keeping the templar alive]).

Take all of this with a grain of salt, since I'm only just starting Act 3. :P However, I've only had access to inferno since the 30th.

TLDR; Oh god! My legs! Bears have eaten my legs!
Okay, so let me ask this. I seem to gather that Glass Cannon + Sharpshooter is a pretty good route to take since I will be dying a lot anyway.

Would it be worth selling the resist all gear that I have now, since that type of gear seems to sell for quite a bit. And then buy a good bow + glass cannon gear?

Absolutely. Monks are desperate for that gear, it is useless for us. You honestly shouldn't die a lot. Once your DPS gets pretty high all of Inferno is a cake walk (except for Soul Rippers etc etc). You can literally mow packs of mobs down without them getting close to you with high dps. As long as you can dodge most slow moving projectiles.

I'm honestly not even sure what it would even be worth though. I haven't studied the AH much, so I don't really know what I can ask for a item to be able to sell it quick. I am just wanting to try and sell it for a pretty good amount, that way I can get a Glass Cannon set that can get me comfortably through Act 1 so I can start trying to farm it to improve on that base set of Glass Cannon gear.

With the lag situation I mentioned in the response I just posted, I feel like that would be the easiest way to go. I am just not sure what to actually sell the items I have for, to be able to get a decent set going.

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