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Demon Hunter
I was wondering if I could get some advice on gearing for inferno. I was curious about a few things.

How much AR should you have?
How much Dex?
Should you be dual wielding or using a 2h with quiver?
Around how much life should you have?
Are things like Attk Spd, Armor, Crit Chance, Increase Crit Dmg important?

Thanks :)
Don't think to hard into anything but damage. You are going to get 1-Shotted by a vast majority of mobs. Crit Chance depends on your build, but if you are using Sharp Shooter it is not as important. Increase Crit Dmg is good though.

Generally Speaking unless you have found two amazing 1h Xbows your dps is going to be lower than if you use a 2h and a Quiver.

You can find good Dps Bows and Xbows for around 100k just have to look. Hope this helped, just be prepared to die a lot.
Personally I use a 1h xbow with a shield. Yeh I do less DPS but it gives me way more survivability for act 2(Biggest gear check in this game, in my opinion.)
How much AR should I have?

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