advice please nightmare char

Demon Hunter
So im currently a level 44, and im wondering where im sitting and what i should work on to improve my DH. here are my stats, any input would be good.
Str - 209
Dex - 785
Int - 242
Vit - 377 - 7375 HP

I get 1956 DPS - using a bow 109.9 dmg and quiver
2.53 APS
crit chance 11.5%
crit dmg 81%

My skills are:
HA w/ cinder rune
EA w/ frost rune
Caltrops w/ carved stake
Vault w/ action shot
EF w/ covering fire
RoF w/ Dark cloud
and my skills are cull of the weak,vengenace,and archery
If you need my armor details let me know

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