Discouraged, looking for community feedback



My first Monk finished A4 normal with 4k health and 200 dps. Due to gems and items, my second Monk finished A4 normal with 5k health and 400 dps. My Wizard? 5k health 650 dps.

Yup. I'm leveling 5 WDs at a time with the end goal beating inferno someday. My 4th and 5th WD to come up through content always blow through everything with ease and have half the playtime of the other 3 WDs. Gear makes or breaks the character.

Cipher, it just sounds in general as if you're pushing your characters too hard. Try slowing down a bit. Go through an area and explore everything, kill everything. Find those random dungeons and go through every inch of them, killing those champs and rare mobs. Don't be afraid to lose some damage in exchange for health. Keep you fights small and containted and always in control. Pay attention to where you are and where you want to go and keep an active stratgey that involves your surroundings. Always have a skill on your hotbar thats primary purpose is for keeping you alive.

There are a lot of different playstyles in the Diablo world. You've got to play the one that keeps you alive.
What a wonderful community, thanks for the support everyone. I'll get this monk through for sure this time with these tips.
I have a steady flow of friends to fill up my party but thanks for the offer Angelusnex, I appreciate it.

Best of luck to all of you.
Back to saving the world.

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