"I Must Be Going" achievement not working

Bug Report
When returning to town as a wizard with less than 5% of max health, achievement is not being awarded even though it should.
what does returning to town have to do with it? The achievement is for using teleport in combat at less then 5% max health, not for using town portal.

Might even have to survive the combat, no clue, the text in the achievement is not clear (might not even have to be in combat just 5% or less max health)
Look this video
This is still bugged. I wait until I am all the way down with the red around the screen and hearing the heartbeat and teleport and nothing.
I got it. It's just a ridiculous achievement because it's impossible to tell what "less than 5%" actually IS. It should be written more clearly at a point that is actually able to be determined by the player.
You don't really need a math degree to calculate 5% of your life. The tool tip for the health globe displays current and maximum life ...

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