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Looking for people to play with preferably from Adelaide, but elsewhere is also fine :)

Especially interested in powerlevelling and farming goblins. Please post if interested!
I'm in Adelaide
excellent. i've added you :)
Also playing from Adelaide :)
Add me! Melbourne here...
No love for Brisbane =(
I just moved to Adelaide 3 weeks ago, that counts right?
Add me if you want
yeah send an invite my way, from sydney here :)
I am in Adelaide, add me,
Same here.
By the way, I am a really awesome guy, really fit and intelligent with a great sense of humour.

We should meet up in the near future and discuss our gaming goals and future plans to see if you meet my high standards.

You will be required to submit an application form prior to our meeting as I have a very busy schedule and do not wish to have my time wasted

kind regards,

I'm in Adelaide.
Adelaide ftw!
<---- Adelaide - Currently playing most hours due to injured and at home bored out of my skull!
Melbourne =)
Adelaide here as well...feel free to add.
Sydney here, feel free to add =)

im from syd,

feel free to add


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