The Diablo 3 Error LIST!!!!

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Error 1 : Power is Out
Error 2 : Out Walking the Dog
Error 3 : Working on Titan
Error 4 : Tripped over the power cable
Error 5 : WoW Makes more money so !@#$ you
Error 6 : Forgot to turn on the servers
Error 7 : Taking a %^-* BRB
Error 8 : Nerfing monks
Error 9 : On reddit
Error 10 : Real $$$ auction house
Error 11: PVP coming soon
Error 12: Hamster is loose
Error 13: Buying another statue for blizz headquarters
Error 14: Firing employees
Error 15: In china hunting gold farmers
Error 16: Blizzcon, oh wait...
Error 17: Just press login one more time
Error 18: Too many login attempts
Error 19: Why are you using an apple computer?
Error 20: Because the login screen looks cool
Error 21: We needed more time on this game
Error 22: Selling more pets and mounts in WoW
Error 23: Your disc was in backwards
Error 24: We are just taking a break
Error 25: Activison is pissed
Error 26: Authenticator isnt authenticating
Error 27: More forum posts
Error 28: Go outside
Error 29: We aren't peddling the servers fast enough
Error 30: The error between 29 and 31
Error 31: We spent all our money on t.v. ads
Error 32: It's ok we are calling Comcast about the issue
Error 33: ~Raiding~ do not disturb
Error 34: We don't like spending our money to upgrade our servers
Error 35: Your computer sucks
Error 36: You will never see this Error
Error 37: The Servers are busy at this time. Please Try again later.
Error 38: Online only
Error 39: You must construct additional pylons
Error 40: Unable to login via Microwave
Error 41: This is rated M, you look a little young
Error 42: What is the meaning of life
Error 43: Spawn more overlords
Error 44: Oops we spilled coke on the keyboard
Error 45: Blizzard now owns stock in anti-psychotic meds. Please keep trying to login
Error 46: Can't log in? Preorder Diablo 4 today!
Error 47: Error 37 is just act V
Error 48: We dont support your graphics card...which one was it again??
Error 49: 60 bucks isn't enough
Error 50: Sorry, you were having too much fun
Error 51: Shouldn't you be seeing error 37?
Error 52: We were just trolling welcome to the Diablo 3 Beta
Error 53: On vacation

If you know of any "more" let us know. I will add the contributions.
I lol'd XD
Error 38: Forgot to feed the gerbil.
I got 37
Error 38:
Error#1: Online only.
Error 39: Building Additional Pylons
error 38 contact us for full refund
I got 37 :'(

P.S I lol'd XD good stuff! Don't report. I needed a good laugh.
Ah Comedy
Error 39: Unable to login with your microwave.
had a good laugh! really "error between 29 and 31" just epic!
Sticky Requested

Error 12: Hamster is loose

If you have ever played Eve you will know.
Error 23 and 26 are the best
Error 40: Using D3 servers to DDOs T2 servers
Error 42: What is the meaning of life?
05/29/2012 05:36 PMPosted by Ptone
Error 39: Building Additional Pylons

Error 40: Deploying supply depot.
+1 for number 7
oh and error 37xx fixed workin on error 38xx

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