Hardcore deleted my other character

Bug Report
I made a Hardcore Character just to try it out and ended up afk dying so no big deal. I got back to main screen and clicked to delete the hardcore and then another character of the same name popped up over where my level 60 demon hunter was. I didn't create another one nor did I ever delete my Demon Hunter on my character list I have a dead witch doctor and an alive level 1 witch doctor both with the same name but no demon hunter what happened? Can this be fixed? I put a lot of work in my demon hunter.

EDIT: Also every time I click restore most recently deleted Hero just get an error. Did not delete it but the option is there every once in a while. Sometimes its there sometimes it's not it never works. I did not make another witch doctor it just appeared by itself and for some reason is not a hardcore character but a regular character.

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