Error 73 & 74

Bug Report
I red in the "Knowlege Center" that you just need to retry logon serveral times if you get an "Error 73" .. Ive tried it like 100 times for 10 minutes now.
But sometimes it accept the "Connection to Server", but then it just kinda freeze at that part, and after a few minutes it sais "Error 74" ..

Anything to do here ? :)
Same problem!!!!
05/30/2012 01:27 PMPosted by richarplayer
Same problem!!!!

Mine works now after attempt nr. 200 ..
It stoned like 30 sec with the "accepted Server-thing" and then it went thru.
I guess you just need to retry over and over again ..
I dont know if it helps, but try to restart D3 aswell sometimes .. I did that, but as said, no idea if it has anything to do with it :)

Good Luck !

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