Auction House Sorting Bug and 46 Page Limit

Bug Report
It is the case that for many items that my gf and I have attempted to sell,

No matter how the list of items in a search are filtered and sorted, we cannot find a comparable item at an appropriate price point because of the 46 page limit on the results.

All of the items without buyouts take up most of this 46 page limit. It doesn't matter if we sort in ascending or descending order for DPS or buyout price. Any items with dps and price values near their respective median values are hidden, unavailable, invisible, and cut out.

This makes it impossible to judge what an appropriate buyout price might be for an item that I am trying to sell. The AH has been tedious and time consuming. Would it be possible to show all postings rather than cut them off after 46 pages? Or could we filter out those items without buyouts? How can I see weapons with dps near the median dps and prices near the median price? I can't currently.

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