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summoner or morphing character that is STR type...
Shapeshifter class of some kind and a Samurai (can make him melee or ranged) is what I would personally like to see
I would like to have a monk expansion
shaper, thats it.
Repentent Cultist?
05/30/2012 11:39 PMPosted by Ricky
A Panda class would be pretty awesome.

+1, Funny.
My guess is a Class that uses Strength as modifier because we have two Dex and two INT. It makes more sense that we get another STR so it balances out.

The question is what classes would fit STR as modifier?

My guess is some kind of "shifter". It may not be a Druid-theme but some kind of shifter that has different forms for different kind of gameplay.

We already have two melee in Barb and Monk. The shift will be another hybrid like WD.
anything but a panda. blizzard keeps putting stupid pandas in their games. panda doesn't belong in diablo.

uses polearms.

dream about it.
Unicorn class

It's so awesome all enemies take damage of just being in the presence of it.
05/30/2012 11:56 PMPosted by Ares
No new class. Just double the available spells for each class, 2 new acts and 1-2 new artisants.
Wow, after 13 pages of post. no one says anything about Beastmaster?
I think Beast master class is pretty awesome, It's like a druid in diablo2, except that they focus more on strength rather than int(druid).

also, there's 2 intelligence class namely wizard/witch doctor
2 dexterity class, demon hunter & monk
and there's only 1 class for strength which is barbarian

the only missing link here is another strength character to fill up the spot and that the Witch Doctor's Zombie bear attack should be a Beast master skill IMO.
oh hell no! XD
hahaha, sumo class! i would play that.
skills of choice:
fatquake (jump up in the air stun all enemies in a 500000 yard area)
lard missile (E-Honda SF2)
gravitational pull (spin around and create a vortex)
Super Chunk - (transform into the marshmallow man from ghostbuster and gobble up monsters to restore health)
Motivational hymn (have Bart playing the "following fat people around - elephant song" for aditional speed)
Clobber - main attack skill (flaps arms around for 135% weapondam)

Hidden pockets - tucked away food restores health while out of combat
Hairy back - enemies attacking from behind has a 80% chance of missing and 25% chance to run in fear.
Butt Crack - enemies in a 15 yard area take 35% weapon damage as poison and enemies attacking from behind have a 35% chance of committing suicide.
they said they wont be having expansions and that any new content will just be patched in
My favourite D2 classes are Druid and Barbarian. Since Barb is back that leaves the Druid. I would love to see what they can do with shape shifting in D3 and it would be also cool for him to be able to summon numerous animals. These summoning skills would last only for a little while and would have to be casted relatively quickly and strategically! This would remove the problem of the summoner that just summons, stands back and doesn’t really use the skills actively which goes against the D3 design philosophy. There should also be animals that the druid can summon permanently though for people who prefer that style…this could be done within the same skill but different rune (kind of like a rune of Gargantuan at the moment)!

Another class is Paladin because he was so poorly designed in D2. It think that there can be a lot of improvement in this class. The D2 style of right click aura/left click attack wasn’t very appealing to me… Make cool ACTIVE skills…especially shield based like Smite!
A class that has no resource, but has a stacks and cooldowns type system, like can be used 5 times every 30 seconds. So you can pop all cooldowns in a short period, but be totally defenceless until they have all cooled down. with one skill being to teleport inside an enemy for a short period to make all nearby enemies target it ( to try to hit you) whilst dealing a bit of damage as you emerge, functioning as a short bit of invulnerability too.
War Druid.
Strength based melee char with heal functions.
Resource is 'Fortitude' the amount available scales directly from STR.
Uses Staves or Mace/Shield.

Has two options for shape shifting:

a) split into 3 wolves. They have smart AI and you control them all through Abilities - could be 'ambush', 'ghost form', 'feral attack'. Have 3-4 spells that Change how they are attacking/defending.

b) shift into 'Beast' form. Literally a nasty hulking beastly beast. Like an undead were-yeti. (or panda ;D) Just brute force bare knuckle violence. Only need a couple of abilities a la Archon.
AoE daze/damage. Rapid stun/charge. Wide cleave. Enrage.

Lasts 5 minutes and they share a 5 minute Cooldown.
Runes are used to differentiate different styles. e.g. First rune unlock allows your Ghost wolves: take 40% less damage but also do 40% less damage; second unlock allows Spirit wolves: attack 200% faster but cannot heal. Etc etc.

Druid has Earth spells and Nature's Blessings. Blessings function like auras. Earth spells can be Summon Ent (lol whatever), Molten Ground (dps AoE) or Earth Wall (a literal barrier).

You get the idea. STR based melee shape shifting awesomeness with heals.
My $0.02
Edit for panda comedy.
Some sort of advance technology class. For example he uses guns/machines

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