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Hi everybody, I have just been daydreaming and thinking about some of the characters backstories to them and this is just my theories behind them, let me know what you think, or if it has already been explained fully and I just missed it. There may be spoilers so if you don't want to encounter any then don't read past this point. (haha, get it...point....)


Malthael, Archangel of Wisdom - Archangel of Death

Okay so everyone who follows the story has probably already found out that Malthael has abandoned his post as the Archangel of Wisdom because he was unable to comprehend the destruction of the worldstone. Tyrael suggests that he is wondering Pandemonium in search of answers to the things that plague him.

To me, I am kind of thinking that Malthael is the Prophet that the enchantress talks about. My reasoning behind this belief is that going through the Enchantress' story throughout the game, you eventually learn that her master, The Prophet, was actually an angel. She says that the letter from the dying angel saw promise in humanity, and worked in absolute secrecy. Itherael was unable to look into his scroll and see his fate, and so he knew nothing of him.

If Malthael was the Archangel of Death, then that means he would have to ability to phase in and out of different times in history, just like how the enchantress was sent into the future. Also, maybe it is possible Itherael was unable to find out who the Prophet was because Death is itself, and thus has no predetermined fate to head towards, and Itherael was always so aloof, being drowned in the Fate of everything that he never really noticed anything.

Perhaps Malthael went back in time before the worldstone was destroyed in an attempt to restore the balance he felt was disrupted when the Worldstone was destroyed, and trained a group of young magically gifted young girls who showed potential in slaying demons to go into the future, when balance is completely out of order and in the favor of Hell, to help the hero restore what he feels is missing since the destruction of the Worldstone. That's just my theory on Malthael anyways.

Covetous Shen -
Everyone knows going through Covetous Shen's story that the main character is almost entirely convinced that he actually is a God like people believed him to be. Some people feel that Covetous Shen is actually an Archangel, some even go so far as saying he is actually Malthael in disguise. I have my own theory however on Covetous Shen's true identity, although you guys might find it bit of a stretch.

I think Covetous Shen is actually the Demon God of Greed. I think all the Treasure Goblins found throughout the game work for Covetous Shen, helping him to search for that mysterious gem he has been looking for, for so long.

I say he is the demon lord of greed and I know quite a few will find it farfetched but it has been made clear that not all demons and angels are "for the cause" so to speak. If there is a Lord of Greed, then he would be in love with shiny, precious objects, like gems, and he would covet them accordingly.

Perhaps this is why he is not worried about wondering through places infested with demons? His attitude and personality seem to point towards this end, for me at least. Also, his dialog with his guide, Gaven when you first rescue him and find the object he is looking for seems like he could care less about life, as long as he obtains items.

This is all just my two cents at least. Let me know what you guys think.


Archangel of Wisdom/Death Malthael I belive is the Prophet from the Enchantress story.

I believe Covetous Shen to be the Demon Lord of Greed.
I like the Shen theory! I really, really, really, wish we could follow the goblins back to their realm. I don't care if it's instadeath or something crazy. It needs to happen in some way...
I like the Theory on Covetos Shen, however I see one major problem with it.

Greed has no bounds. If greed wants something, he won't stop simply at the prospect of gold and gems. Greed is out for everything: All the women, All the men(Depending on Gender, and in this case male), all the houses, clothes, shoes, books, etc.

Greed is the aspect of greed because his greed doesn't stop at basic materials: It stops when he owns EVERYTHING.

So, with that said, I would say Shen is not greed. He's after one major gem. Whatever he comes across in the process, yippy, but it's not what he's looking for. No... I don't think Greed would be helping any of the heroes in any way. Furthermore, he wouldn't be crafting gems for YOU. He would be crafting gems for him.

I could go on forever. xD

I personally think that Covetos Shen is Malthael. It makes the most sense since this game doesn't really have God's, with the exception of the "Dead Gods" that abandoned them. If that were the case, is it possible they're thinking of making another series based off this one? Is that the Titan Project? Are they going to take the entire prospect of the Diablo Universe and put it into a new one where the Gods have ressurected? And if that IS the case, will Covetos be a major character roll?

This also goes into a whole new discussion: The 'Old Gods' or 'Dead Gods' were comprised of both good and Evil. Also, you had COUNTLESS Titanic monsters in Act III That were bound by hell. When the Prime Evil was destroyed and all the Heads of Hell were eliminated, would that mean their binds have been released? If that's the case, does that mean we'll be seeing them later in the future?

Just food for though.
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I personally think that Covetos Shen is Malthael.

My main problem with this theory, is that Shen is a side charcter whereas malthael is most likely a main charcter and possibly a boss. I sincerely doubt he has anything to do with malthael.
The Prophet your enchantress talks about is not Malthael. It's actually Inarius. Inarius took the guise of Prophet to combat the Triune religion hundreds of years ago after he created Sanctuary.
According to Auriel in a book found in Act IV talking about the creation of Sanctuary, she claims that Inarius is actually in Hell being brutally tortured for the rest of existence.

And just because Greed wants everything, doesn't mean he has a favorite "something" in this case gems. You kill a goblin and he drops necklaces, gems, gold, boots, shirts, pants, hats, drops just about everything.

Covetous Shen also talked about how he has been with many women and has been married like 14 times or something and like never divorced any of them.

I think Malthael is still the Prophet. To me he seems like the only one who has the power to traverse time. It was also said that the Prophet was an angel, and that Itherael couldn't look into the Scroll of Fate to find out who the Prophet was, and if you are the Angel of Death, then you have no predetermined fate to look at, thus he wouldn't be in the Scroll of Fate.
The Gem that Shen is describing, to me seems to match that of the "jewel" that Anu (the God form of Diablo lore) was formed in, before splitting into good/evil. It could be that Shen is some remnant of Anu, be it Angel or Demon, and seeks to renew that jewel.
Regarding the Prophet, from the Book of Cain: "And so the texts tell us that Inarius created his own religion to counter the influence of the Triune. Taking on the mantle of the Prophet, Inarius founded a gospel based on the tenets of tolerance, cooperation, and unity."

This act is the beginning of the Sin War, a time dating back to the Enchantress era, long before the Three were imprisoned by the Horadrim.
Shen definately isnt the Evil of Greed.

To quote him:

PC: "Have you ever considered travelling with guards?"
Shen: "And scare away the starving people who steal my jewels to survive? What kind of monster do you take me for?"

He's either an Archangel or a Xiansai God - Gavin (the guy you have to kill to get his crucible so he joins) believes him to be Zei, God of Thieves - Shen disagrees, as he merely shares some features with Zei.
"Greed" is a sin. I think he is one of Azmodans lieutenants along with "Gluttony" and "Lust" which appear in Act3.


Shen could be one of the ancient Nephalem, like Bul'Kathos and Rathma. Dirgest could have been his friend/brother/beloved wife (I personally prefer the latter) and together they were responsible for the wealth of Xiansai. But Dirgest turned to greed and corruption and so Shen was forced to turn him/her into a jewel/idol/golden statue. That's my own fiction but it works fine for me.


Regarding "The Prophet": I bet my money on Inarius.

He was a powerful Angel who appeared in human form as "The Prophet" during the Sin Wars. He was later given to Mephisto. Tortured and mutilated he was imprisoned in a chamber of mirrors to witness his own disfigured appearance for eternity.

So! Does anyone remember when Blizzard announced the followers? Back then they said that each follower comes along with two quests. By completing them your followers gain a new armor-appeareance. This was canceled for some reason and I was very sad when I found out. I believe that freeing Inarius from his prisonment could have been the last quest of the enchantress (Kormac: Crushing his corrupted order; Lyndon: Freeing his brother). I really hope the follower- and artisanquests make it back into the game someday (Thievesguilt-thug: "This isn't over yet!" - well thanks to Blizzard it is!). Imagine how the enchantress is forced to slay her beloved Prophet, banishing him into the abyss, so that one day he can return in his true form. That would be more epic than every other quest we have in the game right now.
The Gem that Shen is describing, to me seems to match that of the "jewel" that Anu (the God form of Diablo lore) was formed in, before splitting into good/evil. It could be that Shen is some remnant of Anu, be it Angel or Demon, and seeks to renew that jewel.

split in half? meaning there are 2 jewels now? :D maybe shen is the good half of the jewel (which now takes the form of a human) and the other evil half is running around in its many forms.
He is a God or angel. Shen in chinese means God. definition of Coveteous is: eager for the possession of something. We know Malthael went missing searching for answers to worldstone. His behavior fits the definition of coveteous. Maybe his is trying to understand the importance of worldstone from human perspective. He seems to be enjoying being human too. 14 wives!
If you take the name literally, he is eager to possess godhood, or to become a god. I am fairly comfortable with that being his motivations. He seems a good natured chap also so hopefully he stays a good guy, I got the impression he was being setup as a "New Cain" for the expansions.

I am also betting the Prophet was Inarius.
The prophet is 100% inarius, read the sin wars novels, it ties into the storyline in that regards, also is referenced in the book of Cain recently released.
Shen is a Nephelim. He is viewed as a god just like the old Nephelim were. He is good at heart and, as he explains to the Player, is searching for a gem with a monstrous soul sealed inside it. His obsession with treasure is due to the fact that he is looking for this one gem to correct a mistake from his past.

As for the wandering angel. Yes you are correct, he did train the enchantress and her sisters. I'm more curious how he is going to react when he finds out that Tyrial has taken his position on the angurius counsel.
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but Shen and the Dirgest Gem have remarkable similarities to a Dragon Lance story. **Spoiler alert (though old books just in case anyone decides to read them for the first time)** In the books there is the Graygem of Gargath that is being chased by a Dwarf named Duncan. The Graygem has a mind of its own and is able to travel and ensnare people to use as it sees fit. Eventually you find out that Duncan is actually the God Reorx who created the Graygem. You also find out eventually that the Graygem actually was used to capture the father of all gods Chaos.
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If Malthael was the Archangel of Death, then that means he would have to ability to phase in and out of different times in history

uh how? saying "because a is b, x can do y" doesnt really work when you've no facts to back it up
I'm jealous.

I want to have thought of that before you did. :(

Now, if Blizzard had any other plans for Shen, they need to CHANGE THAT NOW!
It is two good ideas (and a new 'cow-level' rumor - the Greed's Realm) made to happen together, what's not to like?

Very good OP, very good!
The additional content should follow up the stories or all the side characters especially Shen.
Malthael was too angsty to be Shen in disguise. I think Shen is something else.

Also, I know Inarius called himself the prophet but given what I read about him in the Sin War I find it hard to believe he was the same prophet the enchantress talked about.

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