Latest patch bug?

Technical Support
I can log in if I change my account from US to EU but once changed I have no characters or auction house gold.
same issue cant launch the game anymore... says game is upto date when I click on "PLAY" nothing happens.
I'm getin this faeces too. ah well, dota 2 time.
why isn't there an option to download it from the website? Would make it a lot easier if the customer had some manual control over this game. Face it, too many different systems for the diablo staff to configure automatically, so just put the file up on the web, let us download it ourselves and copy paste? Wouldn't that ease the pressure off them? Bah all these new games are the same, too many different issues. This is definitely the last PC game i buy. Sick to death of dealing with hours of crap just to play a game. Goodbye PC, and hello simple consoles.
how do u verify? in-game settings?
Same with me the problem saying i need to have a new patch when loggin SEA server.
buy the game display up to date??

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