do dots stack or reset

Demon Hunter
Do dots from example cinder arrow or chemical burn reset / overwrite when you reapply a new hungering arrow or impale before the original dot run out or do the dots "stack up"?

so you want to alternate between impale w chemical burn and some other attack... and hunger arrow w cinder arrow is stronger with slower attack speed (such as a 2h xbow if you don't have a lot of IAS).

Make sense i guess.

If you use Marked for Death with Mortal Enemy rune Puncturing arrow got the best hatred generation.

And, at least in end game for people that like to stack up on IAS, Devouring Arrow will deal the best single target damage of the runes.

...Except if you get very high chance to crit (such as the first attacks with full sharpshooter) - then i belive Spray of Teeth is even better.
Don't use cinder arrow. Use Puncturing until you get Devouring. None of the other runes do as much single-target or multi-target dps.

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