Selling NM Act 3 Unidentified Rares

Want to actually gamble with your gold like in Diablo 2?? I do gold find runs in act 3 NM to farm gold, so I end up with a lot of rares at the end of each run. Message me in game Pryce#1928 to buy them UNIDENTIFIED at 3.5k each. Good Luck!
Bought 2 shoulders and 2 boots off Pryce for 3.5k each. It was well worth the gamble. 2 were junked for crafting mats. Here are the other 2:

162 armor
60 dex
54 vit
20 light res
+12% move speed
req lvl 44

186 armor
40 dex
39 int
59 vit
+23 fire res
regen 12 life per sec
increase gold/health pickup by 7 yards
req lvl 44

Thanks again Pryce!

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