2 x 1h, 2h, 1h and shield?

which of these is better? i have seen all three on YouTube guides but they never talk about why they have chosen the one they did, any help plz
I prefer 2x 1H mighty weapons.

The reason being life-on-hit.

Life-on-hit with increased attack speed is pure win in Inferno past Act 1.
will having 2x1h improve damage, i am on nightmare act 2, is it worht giving up a shield for atk speed?
All three are viable. It really depends on your style. I myself like 2H weapons because of the high base damage, giving me better burst damage. As mentioned, the 2X 1H is good for the life-on-hit buff, but for someone like me, who prefers to do away with champs and elites as quickly as possible because they inflict such spiky damage, that type of combo isn't a good fit.

EDIT: Also forgot to mention that one of the benefits of 1Hx2 and 1H+shield is their potential to give you more stat bonuses than 2H weapons.
I prefer safe option - 1h + shield until I get decent enough gear to use 2h

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