Best set gear for monk?(Best in slot)

Im a lvl60 Inferno Monk (1k+ resists, 42k+hp)looking for best in slot stuff.
Can anyone give me info on this? Source?
BIS belt is without a doubt:

String of ears with

25 res of choice
20 all res
100 loh
150 armor bonus
Hp regen
20% melee dmg red

For amulet I would say:

Blackthorne's Medal with

100+ Dex
100+ Vit
40+ All Res or res of choice
400+ Loh
15% Ias
12% Life
And the bleed seems pretty w/e

I would also consider getting a decent version of the pants for the bonus.

for Gloves you want rares with:

200ish dex
100ish vit
All Res
Crit Dmg

also trying to get the natalya's set 2 first set bonus is SO worth it, if you can find acceptable pieces.

For helm you defo want Helm of command:

150+ Dex
100+ Vit
All Res
Res of Choice

And for ring you prob want one justice lantern with ias, and one good natalya's

For boots you can find some very good sage boots, but they look baby blue fyi.


Sacred with 29% block

100+ Dex
100+ Vit
All Res
Res of Choice
Life %

For weapon id say:

1100+ dps
100-200 dex
800+ Loh
Socket for 100% crit dmg gem.

This is just what Im aiming for, and I might be stupid for sharing it, upping prices for myself, but meh w/e :)
Some opinions may differ, but from what I have gathered:
Head: Tzo Krin's Gaze/Helm of command/Andariel's Visage/Mempo of Twilight
Chest: Tal Rasha's Guadianship
Belt: String of ears/Angel Hairband (the hairband is questionable)
Legs: (2socket/allres/xres/dex/vit)
Feet: (allres/xres/dex/vit/movespeed)
Offhand: Stormshield atm, but the white+goldtrimmed shield has higher base rolls
Ring: Obsidian ring of the zodiac or (ias/dex/vit/LoH/xres/allres/crit%)
Amulet: Blackthorne's medal/Ouroboros
Wrists: (dex/vit/xres/allres/%melee reduc)
Gloves: (dex/vit/xres/allres/ias/crit%)
Wep: (1h/socket/dex/vit/LoH/ias)

note: this is only setup for the life on hit flavor of the month, but of course, might change.
Thanks guys, keep the good info coming.

So far im doing Dex, Fire resist, All resist, Vit, then Socket if possible.
Hmm king, have you actually seen any tal rasha chests with acceptable dex/vit ? never see them above 70

from the very limited amount of blackthorne chest i've seen, it looks far superior to tal rasha.
@Munx, not too sure about max rolls on the chest, but the ias% is too good to pass for the current meta of LoH monks. That is also the reason Tzo Krinn's Gaze or Andariel's Visage are also very coveted.
well the ias only makes up for about 144 dex, while its so lacking in other areas hmm.. also I've never seen any half decent tzo's :/
dps-wise, sure, but there are also numerous benefits to high ias. ie: increased spirit regen, higher overall %chance to proc crit spells, ensured stunlock, etc.
why is Andariels Visage listed? Yo'd get more out of Mempo of Twilight than a Visage
3% crit is pretty big, but i'll put mempo on there as well.
I picked up a holy beacon for the spirit regen and it's got 4% bonus to holy damage and I use wall of light so :)

I'v thought about using IK armor / belt but meh you can normally do better with good rare items then set or uniq items. I was also using frostburns with spirit regen for awhile but I got sick of the rancid stats on them.

Oh and for belt I got a hellcat with spirit regen I picked up the cheapest one that just happened to have vita and dex go figure :)
Nice tips. Am using Tzo Krin's Gaze, Tal Rasha's Guadianship and String of ears currently.

Will be looking at the Blackthorne's Medal. What's the market price for this ammy?
Hey are you guys farming this gear or can yall just afford the ah prices?
a basic algorithm:
every piece should have dex, res all, OWE res, armor, (vit when nothing better can be had). For slots where possible, all items should have IAS, crit%, and crit damage, replacing armor followed by owe resist if there aren't enough affixes. Amulet should have around 600 LoH, ring should have around 300 LoH. Weapon would be >1200 dps dagger with 25% attack speed, ~ 900 LoH, maybe 300 dex/socket/crit damage.

Belt of ears: I'm not sure about this one. To get one without gimp-!@# stats you'll be spending tens of millions, but maybe.

Justice lantern/helm of command: Helm of command with good stats is probably the way to go. I think a rare helm with FoT affix could surpass it. I'm not sold on justice lantern; low ilvl means it has crappy stats and finding one with IAS is a pain (30m+). Actual mitigation provided by block is still somewhat uncertain.

The only set pieces worth considering are blackthornes medal and pants. However, even with the set bonus I think you can find superior rare pants at any cost and at maximum theoretical value. The medal is for all practical purposes BIS but it is "possible" for a rare amulet to be quite a bit better.

Basically, nothing is absolutely certain. Legendaries are supposedly getting a buff, but right now optimal rolled rares $%^- all over them. Realistically, you won't see those items, but scouring the AH from time to time can turn up real gems.

06/15/2012 04:50 PMPosted by Prìcilla
Hey are you guys farming this gear or can yall just afford the ah prices?

You can't farm specific pieces of gear. You can't even really farm gear for yourself, if you are serious about the game.
damn alright just thought i would ask i guess i will just keep this GF gear on lol
Anyone know off hand what the AH prices are roughly like for some of those more popular BIS items? (not talking perfect rolls, just median prices).

String of Ears
Blackthorn's Medal

DW is more fun and you don't need block really anymore, can always keep a block set in stash if you feel you need to really pump up def (i'm doing that atm, but haven't had a need to go back to it)

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