Is there a repair tool?

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My patcher tells me that it can't find a required file, and rather than running repair or anything useful it tells me to "try again." So uh, wheres the repair tool?
how do u ppl get off make a game that millions of ppl play. And make it so hard to download a simple tool (like REPAIR TOOL ) You look it up on line its says Download repair tool free. When you goto download the tool you get all the crap you didn't want, then i head over to and you can even fine your own (REPAIR TOOL ) Y, is it that hard to supply the ppl a simple tool to fix the game. I pay you on a monthly basis, for a service, all i want is for you to help me out here thank you Now where can I download your REPAIR TOOL...

I'm sorry, but Diablo III doesn't have a repair tool. World of Warcraft doesn't any longer either. They now utilize a repair on demand system that should be able to detect and repair corrupted data when necessary. In some cases, the corruption can be more than the system can deal with. When that happens, reinstalling the game is recommended.
I personally recommend re-installing the game. After installation, back up your installation to another location (preferably on another drive).

If you use a thumbdrive (as I do), then installing to your hard drive first, and then copying from there to the thumbdrive to play the game from is also an excellent option.

In this way, you maintain TWO copies of the game that are fully functional. If you ever have a problem with your gameplay files, then copy the backup files into the gameplay directory and overwrite all, then re-patch.

It may also save you a lot of time to occasionally patch BOTH your backup and your gameplay files so that they are both up to date, or reasonably so.
When you launch Diablo 3 in the top left corner click on help and then click on REPAIR TOOL
When you launch Diablo 3 in the top left corner click on help and then click on REPAIR TOOL
and just how are you supposed to do that when it wont let you uninstall it?

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