Many items on AH don't load up after shutdown

Bug Report
Items put up on the AH a day or 2 before a server shutdown don't load up after reboot. That sucks for people who put up auctions right before it went down and will now be unsearchable and they'll have to wait out the 2 days just to free up some of their measly 10 spots you allot us.
I am currently experiencing the same thing super sad... Also can get the money or items back either
Same issue. The stuff I listed last night isn't being found when I do a search.
Same problem. I put my windforce in AH before maintainance but cannot find it now. Besides, some other items in AH also disappeared.
similar problem here. servers went down while I was adding & removing items from the auction house. Have about 7 items that 'disappeared' and aren't in my stash or show up in the log.
this always happens. I've put in 2 separate tickets with them with lots of details, but since the only drop down menu option that lets you even submit an AH issue ticket is "my items are taking too long" I get a prefab response saying they are looking into the issue.

putting items on the AH has become a gamble, and they aren't saying/doing anything about it

imagine the rage when those auctions are costing people real money...

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