Looking for HELP with Inferno Izual - DH

Demon Hunter
Need a partner for inferno Izual because i absolutely suck at popping ss before the frost nova at 66 and 33. Please, if you're in the mood i really do need the help lol
whats ur dPS? whats ur hp?
74k dps and 15k hp
I beat him with about 1/2 that dps and life...

If you stay within screen-sight of him, he should *always* say "The....." before the freeze actually goes off.

If you press SS immediately as the word "The" ends, you should be able to get around the frost nova okay.

It's just different from every other boss in that the action directly before the attack is audible and not visual (Rakanoth easy sauce in comparison).

There was 2 occasions where this did not work.
1. I was off screen, and he didn't say anything
2. He used the Frost Nova at the same time as the word "The..." I didn't have time to react since it was instant.

Overall, it probably took me 20-30 tries to beat him, except I had - at the time - used a glitch to get into Act 4 inferno (I was legitimately on the Azmodan fight, so not that big of a cheat, but that bastard took me 50+ tries to kill). So now I have to kill Izual again, yay!

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