How much stats I need for Inferno?

Demon Hunter
I don't really know what stats I should be getting from AH, I only got around 1 mill to spend, maybe more if I sell some stuff.

when I ding 60, I'll have around 1500 Dex and 1000 Vit and pretty much nothing else on my gear.

I don't have any Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Attack Speed, Bonus Damage, Resistances, HP Regen, Leech, Movement Speed, I just go pure Dex and Vit cause it's cheap and i CBA to do math and figure out what gives me most DPS.

So how much of those things do I need? And what items give them, cause I know that for example only gloves, amulet and rings can give Attack Speed.
i did act1 with 25k hp and 40-50k DPS (with SS on)... not much trouble there

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