BIDDED an item <1minute...and now its lost?

Bug Report
Hi, i am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue? i just bid an item on the AH with <1 minute, however, there is no auction house log of it? but my 400k gold is clearly gone? (removed from balance)...

i am not getting my gold back or the item?? blizzard what is going on? i don't want to open a ticket as you inefficient people replies a ticket 3 weeks LATER...i opened a ticket around 17/5..and the ticket was replied a few days ago only lol?

so whats the deal here?
same here i lost 4m gold. I am fking disappointed with the AH. RMAH is coming up in a few days time, after all the hacking/bugs u think i am gonna trust my card with u? HELL NO.
This is unacceptable.
Same here! two items lost with 3 mil of gold gone, please investigate!!!!
LOL wow, 4mill, i can feel how devastated you are when i wanna commit suicide after losing 400k....and yea, i don't think ill trust my card with RMAH....the system is too flawed..
i got a buddy from in my fl who lost 10m i felt much better after knwing about it lol
Just happend to me, bided on an item for 420k, it shows as not winning and my gold is gone =/

and LOL 10mill lost...imagine losing 1000 USD dollars when the RMAH comes up? hahaha
Just lost 2.5m bidding on an item that said I won.
..Did not get the item or my gold back.
Well I'm glad I'm not the only one. I bought a 250k item and it appeared as being bought in my list but did not appear in Completed Items box... lame
You are not alone theory! it hurts doesn't it?
errr are they working to fix this issue, at least close the AH for now....
I finally got my item to appear in the completed tab, later on it said error. and came back later it said completed.

And now i see these random items that i didnt even purchase???

The worse thing is that i cant even view the specs of the items that i bought to confirm if they were the ones i purchased.

fk this !@#$. wasted so much gold in trying.
I just got my item. nice.
i still haven't got it gg...
nvm i didn't it tricked me. :l
same here..
i think it's just slow maybe? it might get updated later..
WTF is this give my money back

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