Diablo 3 get's boring fast

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I was waiting for so long for this game hoping for epic endless adventure that I would like to come back to for ever and ever again.
Finally after so long waiting I got it. Cool. After 70 hours of playing HC Soso reaching 60lvl and collecting 4000k in my chest I don't want to go back to this game.
And yes it is boring. It is boring after reaching 60. Farming is for no life ppl. Ther's no fun in farming and it kills this game. Reaching 60 is so easy even in hardcore mode. Literally I just snapped my fingers and here I go 60...
Reaching max lvl should take ages. What a hell!
How come I played Diablo2 for couple of Years and I always enjoyed to play and Diablo3 is like one night ho.
The game is so boring. I havent played it since beating it on Normal. The story was good the first time through but not worth repeating. I bought it when it first came out but after 2 weeks decided that Blizzard has done better on games like SC2 or WOW. I wish I could get my money back on it.
My little bro (25yo) bought the collectors edition. Installed it. Got to level 11 with his wiz and said "This is $%*&" and quit. He has never been back. Never been on the forums either. To this day he is curious why I still play this game from time to time.

He loves Starcraft2 though. Blizz did something right there. Mind you, I think they made that before they joined evil Activision.

Edit: I just like to say, my bro plays tons of games. We're always getting stuff off Steam and doing the multiplayer thing. Yet D3 is the only game I have known where my brother actually quit after such a short time of playing. I thought it was a rather powerful message about the game. Hmm.
06/08/2012 09:28 PMPosted by Magnus
Secret of Mana, Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance, Champion of Norath

Secret of Mana. I think I like you already. Then you added Baldurs gate. Thats even better.

During the very first beta test, keys released on FB, my buddies and siblings were able to get about 15 keys. We played for about 3 hours and then realized that the game was very nullifying. Thats when I decided not to buy the collector's edition as well. I didn't expect much more and I was correct. I played D3 to make some extra pocket money. I did. It paid for my GW2, 1 year WoW sub and I still have a couple hundred left over. I did not play D3 to enjoy it.
I agree 1000% this game blows cocks n dicks. I tried, I played it for over a month. No thanks....

Same as everyone else's comments.

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3 sell/forge
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d3 was good to begin with but with so many high level players leaving d3. finding a group to grift 70 plus and not fail is now impossible.spent more time leaving a game in the hope i will get a good group the next time i looked for group.mybe once a day.if i was lucky.spend to much time going around in circles.never realy getting anywhere.destroyed everything i had,game over for me.
holy necro batman, you went deep in the archives to find this thread. you have a lot of death magic in you.
06/19/2012 06:32 AMPosted by Milicatwo
D3 is exactly the same as D2 in the core mechanics, apart from the permanent talents.

Sorry, but this isn't true. Changes to the core attribute system, the removal of skill points, and the removal of accuracy checks from combat... those are all core mechanic changes, they all have a profound effect on D3, and those effects are mostly not positive. Blizzard have spent four years trying to figure out a way to neutralize the negative effects of these core changes using nothing but itemization as a tool, and their hard work has brought the game from being actively bad at launch to being basically OK now, but it's still not great, and I also find that it gets old fast.

D3's high-quality graphics and in-game character animations are carrying a lot of the load here, giving the game the kind of polished look and feel that you typically only find in AAA releases, but it's a very pretty polished surface with not a lot underneath -- and that lack of depth is what the OP is talking about. D3 is visually stimulating in the same way that slot machines are visually stimulating, but it's not very engaging, and I find that visual stimulation with no other engaging game play is just exhausting, after a while. D3 doesn't just make me bored, it makes me tired -- feeling like I need a nap, but too over-stimulated to actually be able to sleep for hours after playing. I don't have that problem with any other game I play, including Hearthstone -- and yes, I have been dabbling in Hearthstone lately, so this really isn't an anti-Blizzard thing for me.

03/18/2016 04:50 AMPosted by nostylluen
holy necro batman, you went deep in the archives to find this thread. you have a lot of death magic in you.

Oops! I didn't even notice the dates on this thread.
The rare scenario spawns don't help either. it seems I necro'd this too.
06/08/2012 06:55 PMPosted by Mogrigg
other than the lack of PVP (which is coming soon).

not true
I am about to get back into Diablo. Was kinda fun when I played it a few months back... never went far into it though.
The game is better now than on release. I got so bored having to play the story approx. 3x on each character to just get to level 60.

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