Help with my build

Right now I am only L39 and in NM Act 2 but I am having a ton of fun with this build and wondering if it would be viable in Hell and Inferno

I am a S/S Barb!Veb!abZaZb
By swapping out some runes as you level it should be. One thing you are definitely going to want eventually is an escape skill for those oh !@#$ moments - Either Leap or Furious Charge. Personally I'd get rid of Ignore Pain for the time being. There's is absolutely no need for it in NM or Hell.
Im running ACT 2 hell right nw L58 and have kind of got my build perfected (for hell atleast..inferno is smething I will look at when i get there...nd die a few times) let me see if my build helps u out:

Enable elective mode as it comes in handy, I am running dual wield with 250+ damage on both weapons with added stacks of crit chance gems and will my gear my DPS currently stands at 8K base with buffs nd all easily crosses 10-12K. Try to stack up on as much resistance as possible, nd Vitality which is a given.

I am running 2 rage abilities which reallllly helps..earthquake nd the wrath of the berserker. Action bar: Ignore pain/2% life, revenge/30% chance, WOB/blood explosion, Earthquake/mountains call, frenzy/triumph, seismic slam/shattered ground. Passives: unforgiving, Juggernaut, relentless. This helps keep ur fury at max nd ready for any elite tht pops up.

I have been able to take out all elite packs in under 20 sec no kiddin in hell uptil now. I do not use any of my rage abilities on the normal mob just slash, revenge, slam no matter how big or hw many. When an elite/champion pops hit Wrath tht gives u the added chance to weather the big hits, nd then make sure ur between them nd drop earthquake nd then hack, slash nd revenge ur way thru it its over before u knw it. The poison, arcane nd fire ones u need to keep an eye out for nd try to run around the stuff but with this build I have been dropping then like fly's.

Hope it helped
Thank you for all the input, appreciate it
Updated my build!eVb!abZaZb

Would it be better to go with Leap or Furious Charge ?
I personally like Furious Charge over Leap(and I use them both) but you should play around with both and see which you prefer. If you do take FC, I would use Merciless Charge over Stamina(Unless you have Fury problems which by looking at the build I doubt). It's easy to hit 5 targets completely negating the cooldown. You can quickly take down mobs in this manner by spamming FC. This is the build I'm running with and have a lot of success for my playstyle -!Ycb!acacZc

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