Act 2 inferno minimum req?

Demon Hunter
Hey all :)

Im currently farming act 1 inferno very smoothly(I can kill ~85% of all elite packs so far) and I can even tank some of them for a short time (when Im pissed of kiting mortar) with shadowpower...

Anyway, I was wondering whats the minimum req to be able to progress through act 2?

Here are my stats:
19k dps (32.6k with sharpshooter)
1250 agility
34,109hp (808 vitality)
3400 armor
32.36% res physical dmg
16,32% res cold dmg
7,43% res Fire/lightning/holy/arcane dmg
16,55% res poison dmg
That should be pretty good all the way up until Belial. Then you're going to need ~30k (could be a little under) dps. Otherwise the fight is a !@#$% and a half.
Okay thanks :-)
I wouldn't recommend building that tanky in Act 2. Nearly everything will 1 shot you until you have 35k+ HP and like 500 All Res, and you'll be gimping your DPS significantly by building tanky.

That said, try out Act 2 with your setup before you go to the AH and spend hundreds of thousands if not a few million gold replacing most of your gear (or farming for it). Lacuni hunters and those snake warriors are a !@#$% and a half, and you will die a lot. If you can take 2 hits before dying from either of those mobs then keep up building tanky, if you die anyway (they will likely still hit for 50k or so) then go straight glass cannon.
Well, right now I just disrupted the 2altars, Iv seen these monkeys, I can take 1 MAYBE 2 hit from one of them, but if a pack jumps on me, im kind of dead. But yeah, I died like 6times so far lol getting one shotted by stupid thing, like a Fast/jailer/x/x elite pack mob.. or teleporter Q.Q
All the pack I faced so far had atleast 2of :
Vortex/fast/teleporter/jailer.. GAWD!

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