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Demon Hunter
Whats up guys,

D3 is my first diablo and i am currently working on my demon hunter lvl 58. I gonna level him up to 60 the next couple days and need more info about what armor i need to look for.
I'm saving up right now and my armor is still from nightmare (not good).
So what I'm looking for is just basic answer. E.g. as a DH do i need a lot of Dex of Vit
or a lot of life, +dmg. What weapons are good for a lvl 60 dh.what gems should i look for? so if anybody could give me some info that would be nice. thank you

P.s. I searched but couldn't find what i was looking for anywhere on the forum

once you hit 60 you get the nephalem valor buff, which stacks up to 5x for a total of 75%+ to magic find. You then do runs on hell until you get top tier gear to start doing inferno. Or you know, just accrue enough gold to buy your way to winning.
your best bet is to invest in the best bow/xbow you can find.

Highest DPS you can get, even if its blue and has silly stats like INT. Try to get a bow either with a socket OR crit dmg. If you get a socket one put a green gem.

You don't have to spend to much to be decent (although spending more will make your life tons easier), you can pickup a ~700ish dps bow for pretty cheap these days.

You don't need any HP, everything will one shot you anyways. So get all +crit, and Dex.

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