4 Major boss bugs / Exploits!

Bug Report
The Butcher:
When he enrages at INFERNO you can stand on the bottom of the map without getting hit by the flames! You can probably stand down there even if there are a normal flame also

Kite her close to some house, and when she shields to spawn some mobs, just run alround the house and she will follow you and she skips to spawn the mobs and the shield goes away..

Play with 3 players, 2 high level and 1 low level that will be boosted..
you go down and kill azmodan and the two high levels leave before you complete the quest,
When they are gone the low level player complete the quest and the high level player creates a new game and you go down and do the same thing over and over again!
The high levels do not complete the quest but the low level player get the experience for it every time.. FIX THIS!

When you play against the shadow alone, you just need to run away before the shadow sees you and diablo will spawn back and fight you

There are probably many more bugs/exploits at bosses,
Did not blizzard test the game before they released it?
People will try many things, Why did not blizzard test group do the same?
I can confirm for Butcher and Magdha

Also for the trick with azmodan, its doable with Zoltun Kulle's quest too.
Its a way too cheap way to level. IMO monster killing should be the main source of xp.

I really hope this all gets fixed soon...

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