Should I keep playing?

There's a thunderstorm outside, should I keep playing?
This is why you keep a sc character. So you can play when its not safe for a hc character. Or you could just risk it, up to you.
OK I saw lightning flashes I'm gonna quit.
I just died probably from the same storm. I had green latency, then the game just froze for 6 seconds. It was only a level 22 wiz so Im not too worried about it but I certainly wont risk it again.

I noticed this game takes a long time to drop you too. My friend disconnected the other day and he was standing there for a good 10+ seconds before it finally kicked him. I wish this was like other games I play that seem to disconnect you almost immediately, its almost 100% death if you disconnect around more than a couple enemies which is pretty ridiculous.
OMG my wizard is lvl 24! That could have been me!
Depends if you're in a tin trailer or not.
Absolutely not! Turn off your computer.

and get out your kite.

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