Haedrig in town already on new characters

Bug Report
In addition to the enormous bug/bad design choice of requiring online connection for a single-player game and needing to retrace my steps every time the client loses connection on a holiday weekend because your servers can't handle the load - today I was playing a new character who I created Day 1, but have not played until today. When I arrived in New Tristram, I noticed that Haedrig was already set up in the town square with his blacksmithy. This shouldn't be since I have not yet helped him with his wife, let alone even saved Cain from the cathedral. I also noticed that the stash chest is holding the contents of the character in my first character slot. I logged in another low level character and saw the same thing - Haedrig already in town and stash containing another character's loot.
is this a troll? The stash is a COMMUNAL stash amongst all your characters. It is the way you can move loot from one to the other. The crafters as well are communal progression. What you do on one character reflects on all others. Level shen to 5 and thats account wide, not per character

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