Wave of Light Bug, with Data

Bug Report
Summary: The first strike of WOL without rune, and WOL Wall of Light are doing half as much as they should be. You are loosing 100% and 150% damage respectively when using these skills. WOL explosive light seems to be fine. Data follows...

I got a little help from Mandrake the Disemboweled (a vampiric teleporting elite lacuni in act 2 to help me test this out, dragged him back to a cave and was able to use him as a punching bag)

I have a holy weapon (I don't even know if there are any resists in this game... lol!)
I used my normal attack (not a skill) to compare to the damage
I had no increased damage skills up at the time, only mantra of healing

This it the average damage using 20 trials for each test
637.1 = normal attack (100%)

638.35 = WOL no rune, first strike (100.19%) [should be 215%]
282.35 = WOL no rune, second strike (44.31%)

961.15 = WOL Wall of Light, first strike (150.86%) [should be 312%]
280.25 = WOL Wall of Light, second strike (43.98%)

1816.2 = WOL Explosive Light (285.07%)
I have some aditional info. For the standard bell WoL, at 1.00 the skill works perfectly fine two hits of the first percentage split between them, then the small percentage in the wave. Adding attack speed makes the second hit not happen at all. (Used 30% in this case, with a 1.00 staff)

It might make 1H weps not work with WoL at all.
Working WoL 1.00 Aspeed

Broken WoL 1.33 Aspeed
OP is correct, even after 1.0.4 the skill is still bugged (unless you're using Explosive Light or Pillar of the Ancients runes), I find funny that they buffed the ability but didn't fix it, lol.
Bump, can any blue confirm they know about this bug?
I noticed that bug also. Can't wait to read news about it.

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