Motivation after killing Diablo Inferno

What makes you still play your wizard after killing Diablo?

Or are you rerolling / waiting for pvp / doing other shiz.
noone online who's done diablo?
now i gold find and make money for other characters
Answer: Nothing.
Either you love doing it again and again, either you stop.

Nobody said that you should or were expected to play Diablo 3 forever.
When you're done, you're done.
It is going to take me a while to get there but I'll probably try a new character. Already started a 2nd one (Monk) that I'm leveling slowing when I want somethingnew. It is nice change of pace, the gameplay is certainly different to the Wiz so far.
I'm still only in A2 Inferno, but that's because I'm going slow and farming. And a big reason I'm doing that is so I don't end up where you are :P

I already started a barb and monk and plan to build them up with money I farm on my wiz. I will do hardcore after that. Hopefully pvp will be around by then to make it more interesting, considering how difficult hardcore will be to beat in inferno.
Thanks for the responses. I guess it just comes down to the individual.

I can't see myself endlessly grinding away for BiS gear though. No real need :\

Don't get me wrong though, I did enjoy it.
I would like to make a hardcore character, but my net isn't stable enough. I'd be ropeable after putting in all the effort and dying thanks to delay -.-'

I was thinking about making a barb. Might wait til after exams though
Surviving a hit of Rakanoth without Diamond Skin/Familiar and doing an AMA afterwards.
Yeah make a barb get to inferno Act II, then go....holy Fooking sheet 1000 reists? I need a fooking 1000 resists to clear act II with a barb?

Then you'll go, Oh Yeah! I have a Wiz I can farm Act 4 so I can get gear for my Act 2 barb so he can manage to clear act 2!

Which in turn = many many more hours of play.
Yeah, good point. I dunno, I think I had more fun just leveling with friends then clearing all the hard stuff solo. Might just wait and level/progress with them.

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