Is the Paralysis passive worth it?

So this is my current build:!XbV!baZbba

I just switched out Arcane Orb for the Magic Weapon with the Electrify rune, and since I already was rocking Storm Armor, Lightning Hydra, and Piercing Orb, it seemed relevant to give the Paralysis thing a try. The thing is I haven't noticed much of an effect (it's kind of hard to tell though). Does anyone know any more details, like what the actual chances are for it to activate, and if it's even worth it?
Check this thread:
The thread is about Life On Hit, but it actually applies to every single proc in the game, including Paralysis.

Basically, Storm Armor and Lightning Hydra won't proc paralysis. Piercing Orb turns Paralysis into a 2% proc.
My tank wiz uses paralysis to good effect.

The key difference tho, is I use electrocute with chain lightning which does get the full proc chance, even on the chains. Not sure if that's intended or if it's supposed to be chance divided by number of possible targets like other AoE's, but I do know that it's a huge difference in the amount of incoming fire I have.

I also use lightning weapons exclusively. One thing I have noticed is that the +damage type of weapons gets treated separately from the main damage when it comes to proc'ing damage type specific effects. In other words, even if you didn't rune or use an electric attack, you'd still get some benefit from using a lightning weapon with paralysis because at least that part of your attack is still electric. Unfortunately, there is no way to log if using an electric attack with an electric weapon doubles the paralysis chance, or if it's merely fixing the AoE penalty since there is no combat log showing when effects proc or not.

Oh, and I have venom hydra, not lightning. Cuz while I'd love to go pure electric on a toon, I can't give up those bubbly little pools of DPS.
Thanks for the replies, I might try switching out Piercing Orb for the Lightning Chain.

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