Asus G75v Wierd lag- HELP

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Everything can run maxed out, no lag. Post here if it fixes your issue please.
Hi I have tested a little so far and I havent had the wierd graphical glitches so far :) well thanks if its wireless console 3, though could it be the patch?

I am however having the asset stuttering even on USB stick now as before I didnt :S

I gave up on issues as long as my PC has no troubles, diablo 3 engine is broken anyhow.. Ive come to live with it...

Big thanks I will test tomorrow in depth and let you know :) btw I havent tried 304 nvidia beta drivers yet... apparantly they dont work with the 660M and the 670M.
Just tested got graphics glitch, crazy white random symbols and writting and sometimes a whole screen flash of all the npc portraits in the game lol...

playing from USB however, will test without tomorrow and let you know :)
Are you still getting the unplayable lag? Wireless Console 3 does nothing and you can still connect wireless to any access point with windows built in simply.
I removed it, no change... I mean the stuttering is just bad game scripting...

The real problem is the wierd letter/symbols in white or the mini portraits of what looks like all the npc's... gave up on D3... just can't enjoy myself with all these bugs :S
I own a G75v same comp with 670, i7, etc.
I've had no problems so you're doing something wrong.
That's all.
I Have a Asus G75VM but my graphic card is a GTX660M.

I play Diablo III without any graphic glitch. The speed is good with all graphics settings to the max.

Maybe its a problem with the 670M. Sheliko do you have the 670M or 660M?
I have a ASUS G75VW graphic card gtx660m and have the same issues in WOW. I've not found anything better in WOW foruns, so I'll try to play without wireless console 3 after uninstalling it e reinstalling...
I uninstalled the McAfee virus program that the computer came with and it runs great again!

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