Wizard builds for Nightmare-Hell

Hey guys,
Got the game recently and stormed through normal (way too easy in my opinion), playing in a group with a Witch-doctor, a barbarian and a demon-hunter. On to Nightmare Act 2 but my 'team' don't really work as a team... As the barbarian who is meant to be the tank always goes off on his own leaving me to try to soak up the damage with diamond skin. I'm trying to find a decent build, because at the moment I am dying a lot... I have the best Damage out of anyone in my group, but I die so much that it doesn't really matter, this is my current spec:

I was thinking of changing to one of these two builds: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#blRSXO!YXf!babZaa

Any advice or help on how to improve these builds would be great
Thanks, Daniel.

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