Auction house fee 15% or 18%

Bug Report
i know the shown fee is 15% but im paying more like 18% wth is with this? is any one else having this problem?
I don't know, hard to tell since the history of bid and paiement are not clear (not much info).
It's 15%. If you take the time to write down what you're selling and the price of it then you will see that 15% is being taken out. Or what I do is if I want 10k for an item I will divide that by .85. Then I'll post the item for that price and when it sells I get exactly 10k.
I will try the pre math Reboot, i have been multiplying my recieved cash by 1.15 that should show the amount i posted it for but its always short so i try 1.17 and 1.19 and its always somewhere in the middle of those but not quite 1.18

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