Best follower for a wizard?

Im guessing Templar, with vit stacked, what're you all using?
Enchantress - the extra CC is worthwhile. Especially when running a build with little escape mechanics.
A WORTHY FOE! GLORIOUS! when he kills an illusion then gets pounded on by 10 others.

so funny.

Although, Templar is great when you can wedge him infront of you and block mobs pathing.
I used the enchantress all the way to act2 inferno, and then switched to templar, he is loads better. She does random cc, pushed stuff in your direction sometimes when you're kiting and so on. Plus she always runs behind you, so monsters always goes 100% for you.
Templar actually tanks some before he dies, and those 1-2 seconds is enough to empty your arcane power and get away. Plus he heals, his voice acting is million times better than the enchantress. GLORIOUS!!!

I get + magic find and vitality on him on all slots except the relic. It supplies 20% to your magic find, so that nets me around 13-14 magic find. You can stack all you want on him, and he will still die, mine got 70k hp and still dies quite often, but thats just inferno
hmm, im stuck between enchantress and templar. anyone else have any suggesstions?
i use templar. he dashes to the energy at the first sight. Thats not a bad thing.
i actually think templar is probably better. if you stack vit., then he doesnt die all that much, and i dont really care when he does :p, but i dont notice that much of a kiting advantage with enchantress, but i do notice templar's heals/cc early fight.
if you gear your templar out he is amazing, I have tried enchantress but not having his heals its just not as good.

the key is gearing him with high vit and some resists, I gave him a fatty shield with +all resist MF vit +%life and he is a beast
Templar because he can equip a sword and shield, which means he can get more mf than the enchantress.
I guess I'm the odd man out. I use the Scoundrel. The short range blind has saved my !@# so many times, not to mention having an AOE Stun, Crit Aura, and permaslow.
even with 80k HP my templar seems dying vs every elite in act3 inferno

I use Templar cause he's a tank - true he can only take 2-3 shots but that's way more than I can take! :P
Templar can block doorways/bridges for a few seconds, and his health Regen/healing is useful vs nasty mobs (like reflect damage) and health regen is just nice, in general. He also is a potential forward target for invisible monsters (like the Naga in A2 and the Phase Beasts in A3).

Enchantress dies just as often and is mentally handicapped when using her CCs (although she almost can't mess up the push; it's valuable whenever she uses it, essentially). I think she gives enough advantages, overall, to warrant her use. However, I feel she is more useful if you already have godly gear.

The Scoundrel probably has the best ability of the 3 with his AoE stun(blind), and his slow isn't bad. His bonus to damage or crit %chance bonus are both very sexy. I think he is more suited for Arcane Orb users. Again, I think he is the merc of choice for people that can say, "I have godly +25% crit chance gear with a nice chunk of IAS."

So, in short, Templar is the poor-man's choice, whereas Enchantress and Scoundrel are nice offensive options for those who can breeze through already and just want to do it more efficiently.
hardcore mode > ironman idea
Templar is the best simply because he blocks pathing and gives you free champ pack kills here and there.

I'm not aware of any other follower that can give you a 100% free champ pack kill.
enchantress is the best in inferno
For progression, enchantress due to cc. For farming, Templar because shields can carry magic find.

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