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I've been unable to aquire the Bloodstained Letter on my current playthrough (barbarian) though I have got it to drop before on diferent characters (wizard, monk, witch doctor) I've checked the soldier on floor one of the keep's depths and have recieved nothing other than gold. I have all the other act three lore books apart from battlefield reports.

06/17/2012 08:45 AMPosted by Khavaltre
On my first character I had found all the orders before trying to go back and find the letter, and couldn't find it regardless of how many times I explored the keep.

I am in the same situation as the above poster.
Battlefield Reports is not possible to find. Fix it.
Damn everyone was having problems with this in July and this is still happening?

I am so mad right now... just found out about this today. Bloodstained letter and Battlefield Reports are the only ones I need and low and behold they are both bugs... Created my character a week after launch...

So do I have to create another character and go all the way through again? Ugh!!!

Having a friend find it isn't such a bad idea though.
It is now August 18th and these lore items are still unavailable... um why?
This blows, does no body play this game anymore? Fix this!
works now... got it two hours ago on my first run. It was not found in battlefield stores, but from a random guard (one of the ones with with a teal exclamation mark on him) on the battlefields itself.
It seems my main char could not drop bloodstained letter from dead solder in "The keep Depths".
re: BSL. Until 1.0.4, I'd never even SEEN a "dead soldier." in the Keep, and I looked. A LOT.

Whelp - found him easily enough after the patch. Alas, I could HEAR the sound of a letter, but none was visible. My wife, on the other hand, had the exact same experience, except the letter dropped for her. I tried to join her game, but the corpse had already been opened, so it was to no avail. I have a sneaking suspicion the same thing would have happened anyway.

So it's fixed, but it isn't quite. Guess I'll take a new toon through to act 3 and get it that way.
I just thought I'd help you all out ^_^. The "book" you are looking for is not a book. Battlefield Reports is a verbal report from a dying soldier in Act III. I just got the achievement Espionage after talking to this dying soldier in the middle of the Battlefields, which is right outside the Arreat Gate. He had a pale blue exclamation point (!) over his head. Hope this helps anyone who's after this achievement.
Bumping this to see if there has been any update regarding "Bloodstained Letter" actually beeing bugged?

I've done several Keep runs and repeatedly looted "Dead Soldier" without any luck, except for gold.

So either this is a rare drop(?), or as others claim, bugged for some characters. Any confirmation is very appreciated.
For those of you that have not gotten the battlefield report, I just achievement. You can get the report right as you enter the battle field. No need to go to the stores. Once you enter the battlefield head north. There is a dieing soldier there with the fortified bunker. If it is there, you can get it for the guy. If you do not get it to spawn, Leave and come back.
Bigdave, I think the issue at this point is the bloodstained letter... The Battlefield reports have definitely been fixed as of the new patch. The letter on the otherhand... eeeehhhh, notsomuch.
Another confirmation on Battlefield Reports. It wasn't a book, it was a light blue exclamation mark(dude on ground).

As for Bloodstained, I couldn't find it with my 1st character, nor my second. But on my 3rd char it was there after a few loads. I have since found it several times with my original character.
Same for me : despite having found the dead soldier corpse in Keep Depths several times (more than twenty times), I never got the Bloodstained letter.
And if I didn't get it with my main character I should create a new one and go with it till third act or can just jump in it make a walk and try to get it?
I did find the bloodstained letter from a dead guard, but when i clicked it, nothing happened, except from the letter disappearing
i got the battlefields report i just talked to two ghost in the battle field
12/09/2012 05:34 AMPosted by MrPeophoofd
I did find the bloodstained letter from a dead guard, but when i clicked it, nothing happened, except from the letter disappearing

same here...
I am still unable to even get the bloodstained letter to drop. I have been through all levels of the keeps numerous times and searched every dead soldier and can't get it to drop.

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