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I currently am using a Microsoft sidewinder mouse and sidewinder keyboard. They look badass, and I would love to keep them, but I'm really thinking about returning them (the mouse for sure).

I have pretty small hands. and I like low profile keyboards, although I could get used to the sidewinder keyboard, unless someone else suggests something better.

The mouse though

Its way to big. My arm gets tired and sore after a few hours of gameplay, something I've never experienced before, and because of the way I hold mice, I can't reach the scroll wheel.

I hold mice with my fingertips, rather than my whole hand, so tiny, lightweight mice really suit me better.

Does anyone have any suggestions of an affordable gaming mouse (or keyboard) that is fairly small? Maybe someone out there that holds their mouse in the same manner that I do (I just kinda squeeze my fingers to move the mouse, my arm almost never moves since its just the tips of my fingers holding the mouse)

Also, I play on a mac, if that makes a difference. It would be cool if there were gaming mice/keyboards out there that supported the native mac layout and shortcuts....

Thanks for reading!
If your arm gets sore that could be more a function of the weight of the mouse rather than the shape itself. If you're moving your mouse like you say you are you're probably repositioning it by picking it up rather frequently, and a heavier mouse can cause wrist and joint pain.

Still, if you have small hands (like me) there are quite a few good options available that are both smaller and lighter than the X5. My first choice would be either the Zowie EC2 Evo or the Zowie AM. They're small, lightweight, use high-quality sensors (Avago ADNS-3900 with a custom lens) and have enough extra side buttons to be usable but not overwhelming. If you don't like the look of either of those the CM Storm Xornet and Spawn both have a rather unique shape that I've come to enjoy quite a bit.

As for a good Mac keyboard...well, the only one I would personally recommend would be the Matias Tactial Pro as I don't like the feel of membrane or scissor switches.
I have a Saitek backlit keyboard. I love the feedback and it changes to three different colors. Also not expensive. For a mouse I use a logitech G5 for a mouse. It's awesome and have had it for 5 years. Can change the weight and speed of it. It is out of production but the G500 is equivalent. Also I have big hands and it is small for me at times so should work well!
I also have a backlit Saitek keyboard, which I love, and a Razer Naga Epic mouse. I also have tiny hands, and I LOVE the mouse so much for this game. There's 3 interchangeable side grips to make it fit your hand better, and 12 buttons on the side, so all my hotkeys are right under my thumb. (AND you can make it glow absolutely any color you want)


Razer Naga -
Razer Naga Epic -

I would totally recommend this mouse for...well, anything, but if you're not looking to spend $70 for a good mouse, I'd proooobably look at something else. The mouse LOOKS a little big, but you can change the side grips so you can hold it any way you want. They're also Mac friendly.

The Epic version that I have is around $120-$130, and the non-Epic version is around $70-80, depending on where you buy it from. The only REAL difference between them is that the Epic version can go wireless, and the non-Epic can not. A couple of the buttons are placed a little differently between the two mice, but it's whatever you prefer, really. Razer has a program for the mouse that lets you fine tune and change basically everything on the mouse, so that's always a plus too.


Saitek Eclipse II -

I've had this thing since November and it still works great. I use it without the palm rest, but whether you use it or not is totally up to you. I've had absolutely no problems with it as of yet, and it looks like a beast. Razer also has some preeeetty cool keyboards, if this one isn't to your liking. =)
Honestly, coming from someone who finally gave up their Logitech LX700 Wireless Desktop (c2004) for a Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard and Logitech G700 Gaming Mouse. I love them both. Sure there are other products out there like Razer and the like, but I love this keyboard not only for everyday tasks, but for gaming as well.

The mouse is great because it is both a wireless mouse and a corded mouse and can be switched on-the-fly. So if the battery is dying; simply plug in the USB cord and keep playing. Comfort of both the keyboard and the mouse are exceptional. Bought both at a retail store for $210, could have gotten them cheaper through Newegg, but I really couldn't wait any longer.

I suggest going to a retailer like Best Buy and putting your hands on some keyboards and mice, get a feel for them. Usually you will buy whatever feels good to you.
I'm using a Logitech G110 with a performance MX cordless mouse. Mouse receiver plugs into the USB port on the keyboard. Works nicely.

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