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Figured why not. I may have missed a couple. If so, please feel free to add it.

-Demon Hunters can dual wield one-handed crossbows.
-Higher difficulty modes are available in the Change Quest menu once they are unlocked.
-Merchants sell many different items. Visit them all to see what they have in stock.
-Some skills require specific weapon types. Check the tooltips to be sure.
-Press the ALT key to see the names of the loot drops on the ground.
-Change the properties of the hotkeys with the Key Bindings settings in the Options menu.
-Defeating Hell difficulty will unlock the ultimate difficulty mode, Inferno.
-Hold the right mouse button while in combat to automatically use the attack skill that is mapped to that button.
-A player's stash, artisan levels, recipes, and gold are available to all heroes on the account.
-Choose Change Quest on the Main Menu to start a game from any unlocked quest step.
-Stay close! Monsters will become stronger when more players join the game.
-Barbarians and Monks take 30% less damage than the Demon hunters, Witch Doctors, or Wizards.
-Fight Longer! Buy health potions from merchants like the bartender at the Slaughtered Calf Inn.
-Demon Hunters can equip a quiver with any ranged weapon.
-All heroes start with a primary weapon attack that can be replaced by a special attack as they level up.
-There is no cow level.
-Customize the action bar by opening the options Menu, choosing Gameplay, and enabling Elective Mode.
-Monsters, Treasure, and terrain randomly change every time a new game is created.
-Banners can be customized in the Main Menu. New components will become available the more you play!
-Invite friends to join a game by pressing the invite button next to their names in the Social Menu.
-Defeating Nightmare difficulty will unlock Hell difficulty.
-Right-click on unidentified items to reveal their attributes and allow them to be equipped.
-Click on treasure chests and weapon racks with blue highlights for special rewards.
-Listen up! Lore books can be replayed through their tab in the quest log.
-Health globes will heal every player in a party.
-Join a game with other random players by selecting an unlocked quest in the Public Games menu.
-Change the properties of hotkeys with the Key Bindings settings in the options menu.
-Click on another player's banner to teleport to that player's current location.
-Run over gold to pick it up. No clicking needed!
-Crafting the same item multiple times may yield better results. Every crafted item is different.
-Share the wealth! If players drop items from their inventory, anyone in the party will be able to take the item.
-Resurrect fallen allies by clicking on their grave markers.
-Hold the CTRL key while reading a skill tooltip in order to see more detailed information.
-Press the J key to open the Quest Log and get details about current quest steps.
-Hold the left mouse button on open ground to move without engaging enemies.
-Press the D key to show or hide all players' health bars.
-Players can attack without moving by holding the SHIFT key.
-Reaching level 10 in Normal difficulty will unlock Hardcore mode, where death is permanent.
-Press the V key to show or hide all enemies health bars.
This game has loading screens?

-Barbarians and Monks take 30% less damage than the Demon hunters, Witch Doctors, or Wizards.

Just saw this one this morning which prompted me to search for more tips since the load screen goes by so quickly. Couldn't find a text file locally so I searched the web and found this thread.

It would be nice if Blizzard provided a full official list. (Apparently they also thought the load screen tip about Elective Mode was sufficient.)

Thanks very much!

A few more for the list:

"Equip followers with new weapons and abilities as they level up."

"Defeating Nightmare difficulty will unlock Hell difficulty."

"Defeating Normal difficulty will unlock the next difficulty setting, Nightmare."
It isn't word for word but I saw this the first week of the game.

"The items you create with blacksmithing will be more powerful after having made a few."

Or something like that.

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