Screen Lockup on Viewing Achievements

Bug Report
I had clicked to "Resume Game" from the menu screen. While the system was waiting for a response, I also right clicked a friend on my friend list to view his achievements. The achievements popped up as well as a Time Out Error, causing my screen to glaze gray and freeze. ALT-F4 was the only exit method. No buttons in game would respond.
I sometimes (I can't duplicate it well) get 2-3 fps on the acheivements screen.

It so far has only happened when I press the in-game key "Y". When I hit escape and then go into achievements, it seems to have fixed the problem. If I can replicate it I'll make some better notes. Some people have had the same issues in General chat.

Edit: FPS never drops below 40 or 50 on my rig, and as soon as I closed achievements tab it shoots back up)

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