Diablo 3 Latency Issues.

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I've been lagging since day one.

Its been horrible the past couple of days because, for some reason, I can't even get in a game properly. I need to log out, and log in again everytime I get "kicked" out from a game.

Yes, I get kicked out quit often because of the lag.

I'm very worried about this because it seems like Blizzard will not do anything about this problem, just because most of the players play fine without lag.

I know its not my side, because I've done every single possible thing to make the game playable, including but not limiting to, connect directly to the modem, turn off anti virus software and windows firewall, tried different games which all play fine without any lag, and finally connect to a random wireless signal which was low, and there was no lag at all.

So is basically something between my ISP and Bnet, which leave me no choice at all, and I must add that I have a couple of friends from my country with the same issue.

There are softwares that lower your ping, but I'm not willing to pay a cent more for this game.

I played Diablo and Diablo II for years, and I must say that, as of today, I'm really dissapointed with Blizzard.

With D2 they made me believe in them as one of the greatest video game companies and Bnet was truthfully one of the greatest servers of any game ever.

I just don't recognize them anymore and I'm very dissapointed with the company.

Bought a game that I can't play, and obviously is not my fault, nor the fault of the thousands of CUSTOMERS that are experiencing the same issue.

Yes, we are customers, we are not trolls, we are not "12 old year kids", or delusionals. We bought your product and you fail to provide good service to all of us.

Thank you for D and D2 Blizzard.

this game server suck too much with 1150 average ms!! how i am gonna play this d3 with 1s delayed? Yes you may success delay cracker yet you forgot to put your loyal customers that been patiently waiting for this series for a long long time at first place. After taking so much time on this D3 with similar or DRM security , still server lag like inferno stage. ok no more drm game for me after this, lesson taken. DRM game cannot be play at all. avoid for future heart disease.
Recently had to uninstall Diablo while I formatted computer, on re-installation two days ago the game runs at a constant 1000+ latency. On the same internet connection it used to run around 60-120. I cant find any conflicts with my firewalls and I can still stream videos at high quality. From what I gather there was an update while I was away that might have caused this, but if not, does anyone have any other advice for what might be causing this?
I only got the game today - so I guess I don't know what it's like to play it without the lag on the earlier build:)

Am enjoying the game - played about 8 hrs worth - but have already died twice because of time outs and latency issues.
Been having the same issue with lag. Started a day ago (or so) after the 'routine maintenance'. The game ran perfectly with a latency of 200-300 max but recently it oscillates anywhere between 600 to 2000 (which ends up getting me disconnected). Cant play the game anymore! And I'm pretty sure the internet connection is not the issue! Blizzard, whats happening!??!
bump! Same issue!
Seems like I'm getting lag spikes more so lately than ever. The game becomes super choppy after each patch.

12 gig ram.
i7 MB
40 mbps - cable
New router. Not sure on model.
Getting the same problem as are many people.

Basically no 1 gives a dam about it so may as well get used to it.

Way its going Diablo 3 will go to an early grave......
Dear Blizzard,

As a first time purchaser of your game, I'm deeply disappointed by the way you are managing the game.

Please fix this rubber-banding issue and stop pushing the blame to our computers/internet connections. I can assure you that I have no problems playing other online games, just Diablo 3. That should mean something shouldn't it? Or maybe it doesn't because you've already earned $60 off each of us here and think that customer service should end just about there?

You promised a so-called fix to the rubber-banding issue in your patch notes, so why is it we are getting even more lag spikes and horrifying rubber-banding ever since the latest server maintenance? Does server maintenance actually mean maintenance or shutting down the server for 6 hours so that all of you can take a break and have a Kit-Kat?

Please do something about this and stop giving us replies that aren't exactly helping.

Thank you.


A Diablo 3 player
Same here, unplayable for a week now, but i think it is just all of us and not blizzard.

Please check your setting since minimum requirements are

i15 octa-core @ 9000Ghz
Nvidia Ti 555 555 with 20 GB DDR19
100 GB DDR13 @ 5333 Mhz
Internet 999Mbps up/999Mbps down

So u see people, its not ther problem you are living in year 2012, move to 2030!!!
Same latency problems on D3 only, no other game. Really, REALLY frustrating.

And if you don't believe how serious the lag and frustration is: I died in first Act.
On normal.
About 10 times.

Fix it, Blizzard, because the game really is broken.

Damn shame...
Iv been having Lat issues since 1.0.3 went live, constant lag spikes, mainly when entering a game or new zone after teleporting, and when facing large mobs or champ packs, and i cant cast spells, it just looks like is making the motions but nothing happening and runner banding all the time, i really really hope this gets fixed soon to cause it has become unplayable for me also, i can deal with the lag leveling through normal and NM, on hell it gets to be a pain in the !@# and i can tolerate it if i'm in a good mood, but when it comes to inferno i can not stand it, and it just really disappoints me to because i got the game a week before that patch went live, so i have yet to beat inferno and this whole lag thing is really putting a damper on it and is obtaining me from completing inferno.
NW Washington State here. Been playing since the first Diablo. Just got starter disc from friend and loved running the witch doctor through the available Skeleton King quest. Definitely going to buy. If the latency issues stop. Started playing two days ago and today I wanted to run a barbarian. And well it does suck. No issues for the first two to three minutes then low red and rides the line of disconnecting. If anyone gets any advice other than my pc isnt up to par (I ran the witch doctor through on full graphics with no issues.) please post it. Come on Blizzard, by the looks of things this is not a first time issue with Diablo 3. Really wanting to go get this game but might wait until they have a guaranteed fixit patch.
+1. Seems like this is never going to be fixed seriously. Never had such lag spikes in any other games. Our pc's or intenet connection sucks? Doesnt think so..
I've noticed this happens more and more on weekends. During the week I have no problem with lag spikes and my latency stays below 150, but on the weekends I'll be chugging along and all of a sudden I'll get a huge spike putting me anywhere from 450-900ms latency. It has resulted in several deaths on softcore and is quite annoying.

I am guessing this is because more people are playing on the weekends? If that's the case then something needs to be done to alleviate the latency issues because the game is close to unplayable with the lag spikes at certain times.

Note my internet connection speed is not the issue. I show a ping of 9ms, 36.08Mbps down, 4.12Mbps up.

This rarely happens during the week. What gives?
Same with me... I'll be at 26 ms ping...then spike to over 1000...mobs will be running in place then teleport basically on top of me and I'm already half dead in that 1 second...it happens about once every 5-10 secs for 1 sec. Pings Range from 25 - 2000. The weird thing is it seems to happen more on my machine than my roommates...whos using a the same connection... We both are connected via Wireless N to the same router, same specs on PC basically just different network cards...I would think that it was my network card...but...I don't lag in other games. It does seem to be worse on weekends though. The game right now is basically unplayable for me.
My issue seems to be fixed...if anyone was curious i swapped out my Network card (Edimax wireless n card with a basic RALink driver...to a TP-Link my roommate had and my issues went away instantaneously....so apparently either my card is bad...or theres an issue with RALinks drivers and Diablo....i tend to think the latter since i only lag in Diablo.
@atrOcitY Do you really think it was your network card? i dont think so. i mean how do you explain we only lag in diablo 3? i play different online games i.e starcraft2, dota2, crysis2 and bf3. but i only lag on diablo3

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