Diablo 3 Latency Issues.

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I have to admit that now after the new patch the game has become unplayable for me as well.

Before the DL of the patch all was fine now it is unplayable. I play a DH, when I fire my char. will go through the motions yet will not see the arrows fly. Then I get mobbed, then I die and all is over.

I have an extremely fast system that I actually compile code in the back ground while I play D3. It was never an issue before last night. I even logged into EVE online to see if it was something on my end. But no, EVE ran fine along with the compiler running, last.fm running, and a few other things I just burdened the system with to see if it was me.

This I know gives no comfort to those that are in the same boat. I guess I post in assurance that it is NOT your gear if it just happened.

I will not port forward or compromise my system or tailor it for a game. If this is now the norm I will just contact American Express and start the refund process which Blizzard will then have to fight (they will lose).

Literally the exact same problem. Suddenly i get huge pauses due to lag then everything catches up and im dead. The weird thing is that in the morning it doesn't really happen much, but in the evening i can't play the game at all due to lag. It's literally so bad that my internet will disconnect in the evening. Hop on my laptop on the EXACT same connection and it runs fine.
it is doing fine tonight but i am not keeping hopes up. getting paranoid that it's gonna happen again. the latency issues and such.
Same problem, and happened only after the most recent patch. getting latency above 2000ms and it's completely unplayable.
I am having this same exact issue, this only is happening with THIS game. Wow works fine, so does bf3 and so forth. I have all proper ports open on the firewall, and hell lately I have been just turning the firewall off in hope it would help some. It hasn't.
Here is my observation,

I'm here in the Philippines I know its a third world country and ISP here suck and we can't compare it to ISP in the US. but the first few weeks for playing diablo 3 I really didn't had some problems with the latency.

I use CMD to ping a IP address for a game called HoN (heroes of newerth) if the connection gets a timed out on it, it just means that it lost signal and in most cases if continues to show timed out it means there is no internet connection

Here is a good sample of a good / my normal ping for ME

Now for my observation

When ever I connect to diablo 3 or lets say I login
my internet gets lots of timed out so first login says error 3003 or something else internet connection has been interrupted

Here is a screen shot when I login

After a few second my net gets back once I stop trying to login
If I try again to login eventually I will be able to connect

I cant really remember when this started

Here are some of my troubleshooting
Reformatted my computer - Im using windows 8 consumer preview 64bit
Reformatted my computer again - Used windows 7 64bit ultimate to Isolate the issue if it was with windows 8
Download leatrix latency fix - it was for WOW just remembered it and tried it out maybe it could help

Hopefully this could help Identify the issues that others are experiencing
This is just unbelievable. It's been almost 3 weeks but we are still talking about lagging of the game. what the hell are they doing. if they can't handle it like this they shouldn't have put the whole thing on the server side. with every patch nothing goes better. I can't even play the damn game since last night. If someone says it's because your pc I swear to god I'm gona kill him. I have the highest possible system with 5mb internet connection and the lag has been like pain in the a... since the game was released. I had been waiting for the game for like 2 months with out buying any other games. BLIZZARD, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING????
Why do they refuse to say ANYTHING (announcement wise) about the this???? Just anything Blizz PLEASE!
Been playing since patch day with no problems. Today, i can't last 10 minutes without being DC from game and put back to hero menu. For the last few hours i've been watching ingame latency. It steadys down around 170 and randomly spikes to 1000-2000ms. It appears this is not location, mobs or anything. I will stand still in one spot for 10 minutes, no mobs around and watch it randomly jump up and down. My internet connection is great. I can have 6 people online playing WoW without a hickup. Today, 2 people in my house have been on WoW all day without going above 120ms. Still, i did a tracert as blizzard has posted.
Pay attention to note at bottom.. once you hit a server with attens.net, etc. it will say "Request timed out". That is intentional and not internet problem. It's only a problem if before reaching one of the servers they listed at bottom of page.

From test after test. ping www.google.com -n 100. speedtest, tracerts.. and simply nobody having any problems on internet with anything else, I'd say its server side. For now, im going to have everyone shut their computers down, unplug router, unplug cable modem. have a smoke and reboot everything to see if connection is any better. This can clear router/modem cache and help internet connection even if it is server side.
I've been experiencing the same thing since the patch. Can't get any gaming in, getting spikes that last 1-3+ minutes at a time every 2 minutes or so. It's beyond frustrating. Please look into this, as far as I'm concerned this should be priority right now
Bump for blue response
I'm having this same problem. Unplayable lag. BUMP!
The game is completely unplayable for me right now. 1k+ latency all across the board. Did not have this problem previously...

- No problem with my internet. Latency is fine to other servers and I am at 25Mbps on speedtest
it shouldn't be happening if it was on user end it be happening all day long, problem arrive's when peak or weekend (there's a problem) need's to be fixed pronto.
Dont even bother. The whole time in beta I brought up the issue. The "community" and blizzard swore up and down it was my computer and connection no matter how much proof i showed them.
bump. This problem isn't going away blizzard and your silence is just making it worse.
I'm getting 288 to 300+ Latency, and my character moves slow, and am getting killed because the monsters attack me before I can see what's happening.. :(
I'm averaging 500-700 ms and 15 fps

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