Diablo 3 Latency Issues.

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2.4k ms for the past week. Game totally unplayable. I've tried everything, so I called my ISP and they have assured me nothing is blocked, ports etc. I even went as far as to tell them why I was asking and the issues I was having. The tech laughed and said that they have had quite a few people call and that the issue, given the volume of complaints is likely on Blizzard's end.
Same for me. Over 2k ms latency... It started with the last patch. My internet connection is excellent, every online game works fine for me except D3. So Blizzard, PLEASE, give us a feedback.

I seriously wonder why Blizzard is completely ignoring these topics, that can never be a good sign. Has anyone thought of creating a petition or something?
How do we create a petition?

I know that we bought the game, so we are costumers, and that gives us the right to claim for a good service... but where do we complaint?
Same issue here. I get about 1 - 2 min of ok gameplay then latency jumps too 300+ if I restart my computer I get the same thing 1 - 2 min of play.

8 gig ram
solid state
2.66 i7
20 Mbps cable
ditto above issues, game umplayable now.

I acutally really like the idea of a game always connected but I know that if I didnt have to be worried about being connected to the internet I would have had LOADS more fun with diablo 3 than I am having. The patches and things didnt drive me nuts, I am used to it from WoW but the fact that I cant play the game during peak times or the fact that with the latest patch the game has become unplayable for me has soured me against the diablo franchise. wonder if this is some way for them to filter out players from diablo to go back to wow, hear it is a ghost town out there in wow land now and with diablo being so laggy for so many people, wonder why it isnt a ghost town in diablo too... oh, wait, not ghost, zombies.

in closing:
all I want to do is kill zombies and the games reliance on stable latency numbers has totally foiled that plan. I was hoping they would do a "you ping us every x minutes, we let you play" not a "omg, where were you for two seconds, I was worried about you!" that it seems to be at right now.
I have been playing for weeks and have had no issues but all of a sudden i turn the game on and i have a 1-2 sec delay. wtf? i checked my internet, its working just fine, fast as ever. the computer is hard wired so i know its not a wifi problem. what changed that would mess it up so bad?!

its been 6 hours and no fix :/ fml
Same !@#$ different day
Same. This wasn't an issue before, my connection isn't that great, but I didn't have any issues with it until after the patch. Its next to impossible to try to play it. And I used to play it too while downloading stuff and watching video streams.>.>
Encountering same issues here. A tracert shows it dropping off before connecting to
Add another to the list of people who had no huge latency spikes until after the patch. I keep getting spikes over 2000ms. It's made the game unplayable. Seriously disappointed with Blizzard and all these issues since release. :(
06/03/2012 04:20 PMPosted by Rashakra
I was hoping they would do a "you ping us every x minutes, we let you play" not a "omg, where were you for two seconds, I was worried about you!" that it seems to be at right now.

That's what I was hoping for too, but I guess they were too concerned about people cheating the system. Rightly so, probably.

But this same thing has been happening to me, and it's really frustrating. I know my connection isn't fantastic, because it's wireless, but I got through nightmare without much lag or any other problem. Then the patch comes along, I can't even open my stash nine times out of ten, but apparently it's a problem on our end?

I did get about two hours of uninterrupted (maybe two or three lag spikes) last night, so I was hoping things were starting to get resolved. I had a day off today, so I've tried every 45 minutes or so to get a game running. And I can't interact with anything. I get into a game and nothing responds.
I have been playing all day flawlessly up until about 30 minutes ago now my ping is 700+ and the game is just unplayable. My internet is pretty good. Firewalls aren't an issue. Every other game is good... WoW --BF3. I was going to hit 60 on my 3rd toon tonight but I guess I'll go watch "Game of Thrones" instead.
I have been lagging so much lately I cant play as well. Its only diablo though with there were helpful hints to fix somewhere.
Same issues as most of the others.

My ping is bouncing from low 200's to 3k+ every ~30 seconds and recycles.

WoW works fine, interacting with the battle.net community sites work fine, etc -- just D3 seems to be having hiccups.

Every 5-10 minutes, getting error 3007 and disconnected from the game. Guildmates and friends are reporting the same problem -- ping cycles from 200's to 3k+ every 30 seconds, lasts for 5-10m and then we get an error 3007 and disconnected from the game.
I have already been d/c from 3 inferno butcher runs today. My latency will be around 70 ms and then out of nowhere I will get huge spikes up to 1000+ and the game will fast forward me into the future of another unsatisfying death. This happens to me all the time, and for the amount of money I pay for the best internet in my area, I should NOT be having these issues. How can I farm butcher when the server disconnects me from my game and I lose all my Neph stacks? Its a complete waste of time, I just want to play my game without lag, please Blizzard fix your servers.
This is just getting depressing.

Aside from the errors everyone was experiencing at launch, and a ping of 200-300, the game was just fine. I was able to get 2 classes to 60, and multiple others into the 30's.

Then the first patch came and the ridiculous lag spikes with it. The game is unplayable.

Logging in now takes a few minutes instead of a few seconds. Loading into a game takes 5mins, even though I've heard the sound of me joining the game, I'm still stuck on the loading screen.

Any time I portal, or enter a new zone, there's a serious delay, and lag spike that takes a minute to settle down. Any time there's more then 10 enemies on the screen I rubber band between 5secs and 5minutes. And if it hits 5 minutes I might as well Ctrl + Alt + Del because everything besides my character is frozen.

Please stop telling me to open ports, or bypass my router, or any of the typical "pass the buck" excuses.

This is on your end blizzard, fix it
Fix your servers Blizzard. Getting insta-gibbed from half-way across the map because of lag-spike shouldn't happen.
You seriously need to fix this issue. Also why do blue not comment on the latency issues? Address it and quit avoiding it. The game is unplayable for me currently and the servers can't support the demand. And if you want to deny it and try to tell me its my connection I can post all sorts of !@#$ proving that its at your end. %^-*ING FIX IT!

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